Elegant Halloween Decorations for a Terrific Adult Party

Pretty, elegant Halloween decorations make this fall fest perfect for adults. No plastic skeletons or tacky things.

Sounds fun!

You’ll find here lovely decorations for the Halloween dining table and the food table.

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13 Elegant Halloween Decorations for Adult Party. White pumpkins, pumpkin made out of paper roses.

1. Choose Your Colors

What are elegant colors?

In general, black, white, gray, silver, and gold are considered elegant colors. You could also add to the list ruby, sapphire, copper, and navy.

For this article, I’m going to go with black, white, and copper. I think that color combination is excellent for elegant Halloween decorations.

And since it is autumn, one could always throw in an orange pumpkin. The one in the picture above is from Hobby Lobby.

2. White Tablecloth and Spider Webs

A white table runner or tablecloth is always a classy choice. Add a black chiffon table runner for a nice touch.

Spiders freak me out, but it is a Halloween party… if you’d like to add an element of creepiness, go with a spider web table runner. It actually fits the elegant theme. Use one for the buffet table, too, to create a scary festival atmosphere.

3. Copper Charger Plates

I wonder if the warm copper color increases appetite. Maybe. Whether it does, these copper charger plates will look terrific with white dishes.

4. Black Placemats

Black round placemats complete the look. You’ll have white plates, copper chargers, and black placemats. Sounds pretty good to me.

5. White Personalized Pumpkins as Place Cards

Place beautiful personalized white pumpkins on the plates. You can use them as place cards and party favors. Or personalize them with Halloween words.

Save money and personalize pumpkins yourself!

Grab a set of white pumpkins and get creative.

6. Copper-Dipped Wine Glasses

Copper-Dipped Wine Glasses
Copper Dipped Wine Glasses from MyGift

Enjoy the beverages from stylish copper-dipped wine glasses. The modern design is just right for this elegant Halloween party!

The copper helps to keep the wine or any beverage at the correct temperature.

7. Copper Candle Holders

Create a warm, welcoming ambiance with shimmering candlelight.

And what would be a better way to do that than copper candle holders. Copper, with its warm autumn look, adds color to the tablescape.

These handcrafted copper tea light holders are made in the USA.

I also love the look of this copper candle holder for four candles. It’s simple and elegant.

Create a classy centerpiece with candles for the dining table, or add an extra lovely touch anywhere in the party area.

8. Birds and Bird Cages

Alright, this party needs other creepy things besides the spider web table runner.

How about placing a couple of realistic-looking black crows on the table. These crows are made of sturdy plastic and are covered with feathers.

The feet have bendable wire, so you can easily put the birds on branches, chairs, or pumpkins.

Light up the table with LED candles in black birdcage lanterns. These lanterns come without candles, so you can display them empty too.

9. Vases with Branches

Fill white vases with brown or black branches. Birch branches would work too.

10. No Tricks Just Treats Sign

Write the message: “No Tricks Just Treats” with white letters on a black felt board. Place the board on the dessert table or the bar cart.

This black felt board from Vermillion Drive comes in two sizes, 12×18 and 10×10. You’ll get a pouch full of letters, numbers, punctuations, and symbols to write your messages.

The board is a great addition to your party decor collection. Use it at various parties or place it in the guest room to leave a welcome message to the overnight guests.

11. Black Pedestals

Black Pedestals in various sizes from JenMonteanBoutique.
Black Pedestals from Jen Montean Boutique, Etsy

These black pedestals are perfect for a Halloween party! Get them all for a lovely look!

Place them on the dessert table or dining table. Put a white or a copper pumpkin on top.

12. Three Tiered Tray for Serving Treats

Serve cupcakes, fruit, and other treats from this three-tiered stand. It has three premium white stoneware plates and a black wrought iron frame.

The black bird on the handle fits for a Halloween party.

Light up the stand with orange fairy lights.

13. Candy Jars

Glass apothecary jars are fabulous for serving candy, cookies, nuts, etc.

Do you know what would go really well with this black, white, and copper theme?

This set of four apothecary jars with copper lids! Take a look; they are pretty lovely.

Elegant Halloween Decorations for Adults Party Summary

I hope these ideas inspired you!

  • Choose your elegant colors. I picked black, white, and copper.
  • White table runner topped with a black chiffon or spider web looks quite stunning.
  • Add black placemats, copper chargers, and white plates. Top with a personalized pumpkin.
  • Enjoy the beverages from copper-dipped wine glasses in candlelight.
  • Add the scary element in the form of black crows and tree branches.
  • No tricks, just treats sign invites the guests to sample goodies from the food table served in creative ways.
  • The black pedestals, birdcages, etc., add a final elegant touch to the Halloween party for adults.

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