I’m Tuula, a.k.a. Relaxed Hostess. I’m originally from Finland and currently living near the gorgeous Lake Michigan.

Hospitality is important to me. I love to host parties, from intimate dinner parties to big birthday gatherings, and once one event is done, I always start thinking about what’s next. I can’t stop my brain from planning.

Over the years, I have hosted numerous parties and enjoy sharing those ideas with you.

I’m one of those people who needs to be prepared to be able to enjoy the event. If you like to be prepared, this site is for you. And if you are a spontaneous type, I’m glad you are here, too!

My hope is you’ll benefit from my love for planning and researching.

If you see “Aileen” as the author, that’s my darling daughter.

About Relaxed Hostess

Life can be hectic. We all need moments to enjoy the company of friends and family.

May your home be a place where others feel welcome, a place of great conversations, fun, and laughter, where friends gather to enjoy a meal together and even spend some days reveling in your hospitality.

The ideas here at Relaxed Hostess help you to

  • create a welcoming atmosphere
  • plan simple and delicious meals
  • entertain the guests with fun activities
  • and host memorable events.

You are always welcome here!

If you are interested in advertising on my site, you can reach me at tuula@relaxedhostess.com.