Christmas Money for Gift Auction (free printable)

Yay! It’s time for a Christmas gift auction, and here is some fun “Christmas Money” for you to use for the game. As a disclaimer, this is not real money, but you already knew that.

This Christmas printable is free! And we all like something to be free around the Holidays.

Christmas cash 1, 2, and 5 with a gnome in a snowy front yard.

Is this your first time hosting a Christmas gift auction?

If yes, here are TWO ways to do this.

How to do a gift exchange auction. A girl elf standing next to a stack of Christmas gifts.

1. Christmas Gift Exchange Auction (with secret gifts)

When you play Christmas auction with gifts in gift bags, nobody knows what they’ll get. The fun part is looking into the bag and discovering what fun or silly gift you paid for.


  • Ask everyone to bring at least two gifts in GIFT BAGS, one funny gift and one fabulous one.
  • Print and cut the Christmas Money.

Prep at the Party

  • Once everyone has brought their gifts to the party, swap them into different bags so they remain a secret, even to the giver. They might end up getting their own silly gift back.

How to Play

  1. Give everyone some Christmas Cash.
  2. Set up one gift bag at a time to be auctioned. Everyone starts bidding. The highest bidder gets the gift.
  3. The lucky winner opens the gift… if it is silly, there will be lots of laughter.
  4. Continue until all the gifts are gone.

2. Christmas Party Gift Auction (with unwrapped gifts)

This game is funniest when the organizer buys the gifts, and the players pay to participate. This way, all the gifts are surprises to everyone till they are revealed one at a time.


  • Let the guests know how much it costs to participate in the gift exchange.
  • Purchase various gift items based on the budget. Consider buying several gifts per participant. Some can be more valuable than others.
  • Print and cut the Christmas Money.
  • Place the unwrapped gifts in a festive Santa’s gift sack.

Suggestions for collecting the money:

  • The players send in the money when they RSVP.
  • The players purchase Christmas Cash when they arrive at the party.

How to Play

  1. The players purchase Christmas Money.
  2. Reveal one unwrapped gift at a time for bidding. The highest bid wins.
  3.  Continue until all the gifts are gone. Some guests will end up with more gifts than others, depending on how much they bid on the ones they get.

You could have a special prize for the one with the most money left at the end of the auction.

Christmas party games. A gnome in a red truck in front of a snow-covered tree.

In addition to the auction, play these fun Christmas party games at your celebration with family, friends, or coworkers.

Simple games, lots of fun!

3. Christmas Money for Gift Exchange Auction

And here is the free printable to make this Secret Santa gift swap terrific.

Christmas money with a gnome standing in the yard with snow covered trees.

Download the free Christmas Money for Gift Auction file and print as many as you need for your Christmas event.

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