4 Free Printable Christmas Wish Lists

If you have the honor of planning the Secret Santa this year, you’ll love these free printable Christmas wish lists for gift exchange.

Pick from four different styles the one that suits you best.

Free printable Christmas wish lists make the gift exchange easier. Lists have a gnome next to a little tree and presents.

1. Things I Like Christmas Wish List

Christmas wish list "things I like" A gnome standing next to a tiny Christmas tree and gifts.

This and two other lists I have for you have a place for naming the gift exchange theme that could be anything, from a book to a country.

Obviously, you don’t need a theme, so you’d just leave it blank.

On this “Things I Like”-list, you list general things you like and your favorite color(s). You can also mention your favorite candy or beverage as an added bonus.

2. Want, Need, Wear, Read

Something I want, something I need, something to wear, something to read. Free printable Christmas wish list

The good ol’ something I want, need, wear, read wish list.

I left some empty lines for you to add anything else to the list, like “something to eat” or “something to do.”

3. Secret Santa Wish List (Blank)

Wish list for Secret Santa template

This one is simple. Just list things you wish to receive from your Secret Santa.

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4. Wallet Size Christmas Wish List

A small wallet size wish list template

This wallet size wish list for coworkers or family members is handy.

Free Christmas wish lists for gift exchange. A bunny with a small present on its back, three wrapped gifts.

Grab the Christmas Wish Lists and host a fabulous gift exchange.

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