23 Christmas Party Ideas for Work

So, you are planning the office Christmas party. Relax. It’s going to be great. I have collected here fun and unique Christmas party ideas for work to help you out.

Allow these ideas inspire you to create a festive but relaxing party your coworkers will enjoy.

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Inspiring Christmas party ideas for work

1. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Jack Frost nipping at your nose.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire lyrics on chalkboard look print
Lyrics Chalkboard-look Print from Longfellow Designs, Etsy

Frame the chestnuts roasting on an open fire chalkboard print and use it as a decoration. It would also make a unique game prize to one lucky winner.

The high-quality print comes in various sizes and arrives carefully packaged.

The lyrics give you fantastic ideas for a corporate Christmas party.

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

  • serve roasted chestnuts
  • decorate with lanterns (twelve mini lanterns) or LED candles (set of nine pillar candles)

Jack Frost nipping at your nose

Yule-tide carols being sung by a choir

  • play Christmas carols sung by a choir

And folks dressed up like Eskimos

  • Stand up the adorable Eskimo family ornament on the food table or hang it on a Christmas tree. And just like with the chalkboard sign, use the ornament as a game prize.

They know that Santa’s on his way; he’s loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh

  • fill up a little wooden sleigh with little toys and goodies, also makes another fun game prize
  • ask someone to dress up as Santa

And every mother’s child is gonna spy to see if reindeer really know how to fly

What a fun company Xmas party that would be!!

2. Jack Frost’s Snowflake Company

Jack Frost's Snowflake Company Sign
Jack Frost’s Snowflake Co Sign from Country Lane Living, Etsy

A simple but terrific office Christmas party theme inspired by one sign!

I got even more excited when I read the description of the quality of this product. It’s made in the USA with real wood, and the premium canvas is hand-stretched.

Gather by the Jack Frost’s Snowflake Company coffee shop and enjoy Holiday treats such as

  • iced coffee
  • peppermint lattes
  • and snow cones

The timeless design complements any work Christmas party. This canvas artwork is made to last. Display the delightful sign throughout the winter at the coffee station.

3. Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

a. Christmas Lights around the Town

  • Go on a Christmas lights scavenger hunt.
  • Turn it into a competition by forming teams.
  • Set a time limit for the search.
  • The teams should take pictures of the decorations for proof.

Grab the FREE Christmas lights scavenger hunt printables.

b. Christmas Decorations at Work

  • You are all set for this game if your workplace is decorated at Christmas. But if not, ask various departments or cubicles to be decorated.
  • You could also buy a collection of fun decorations like these Western Christmas decorations. Place them randomly in various departments or cubicles.
  • Split into teams and look for specific decorations.
  • Set a time limit for the hunt.
  • Take pictures of the decorations.

4. Appetizer Workshop

Hone your hospitality skills. Hire someone to teach you all to make delicious, beautiful appetizers for Holiday parties.

You’ll of course, get to enjoy some at the party as well.

5. Christmas in the 60’s

Bring in a shiny, aluminum Christmas tree, and light it up with an electric color wheel.

Hang up vintage Christmas cards on a clothesline.

Play a Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack in the background.

The 1960s brought us some awesome Christmas music by Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, the Beach Boys, and Elvis. Create a playlist and play a game: name that tune and the artist.

Give a classic Etch a Sketch as a game prize.

Serve popular desserts and appetizers from the 1960s

Make the office Christmas party even more fun by requesting everyone to dress in 1960s style.

6. Christmas Tea

How about a lovely Christmas tea party?

It can be a simple gathering sipping various teas and playing Christmas games. Or you can make it more formal by hosting a royal tea. In addition to tea, you’ll serve champagne or sherry.

What to serve at tea party:

  • finger sandwiches
  • scones
  • sweets and desserts
  • tea (and champagne, sherry, or sparkling juice)

Brew loose-leaf tea for a fancy look, or have a collection of delicious Christmas teas available.

7. Cocktail Party

Royal tea party with champagne brought to my mind a traditional cocktail party.

Get together after work to have a couple of cocktails. Create your own or enjoy traditional Christmas cocktails, such as

8. Nordic Christmas

Bring Holiday cheer to the office by hosting a Nordic Christmas party.

A classic table runner featuring a simple gnome design does wonders to the dessert or beverage table. And delicate straw ornaments enhance the Nordic atmosphere.

Use the straw ornaments and vases to create centerpieces.

  1. Wrap red ribbon around a cylinder vase.
  2. Attach the ornament with twine.
  3. Fill the vases with flowers such as poinsettia; “snowy” birch branches or evergreen branches would look Nordic too.

9. Make and Take – Reindeer String Art

How about hosting a bring-your-own hammer party!

Reindeer String Art
Reindeer String Art from String Art from Heart, Etsy

Chat, have a cup of coffee and Christmas treats and make reindeer string art. It is CUTE!

The DIY reindeer string art kit comes with the following:

  • a 5″ x 5″ x 1/2″ hanging sign
  • colored string
  • nails
  • pattern
  • and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

All you need is tape, a hammer, and glue.

And what would be a more theme-fitting treat than gingerbread reindeer cookies!

10. Christmas Luau

Christmas luau party printables. Mele Kalikimaka and who is most likely to game. Fun Holiday flamingo and lei-adorned tree design.

Don your Hawaiian shirts and leis. It’s time for a Christmas luau!

Palm trees, coconut cups, tiki bar filled with Christmas goodies create a tropical atmosphere for your company Xmas party.

Combine luau decorations with Christmas decorations for a fun look.

Make it classy with

Or hilarious with

For Effortless Planning

Grab the Free Luau Christmas printables.

Or take a look at the festive Christmas Luau bundle with 5 fun signs and 7 games, including two gift exchange games.

Christmas luau party bundle for work. 7 games, 5 party signs.

Get to know your co-workers a bit better, have fun and celebrate the Christmas together the luau style.

Tropical games, Christmas games, gift exchange games.

Let’s flamingle! Snag the upbeat luau party signs for office.

Christmas Luau Party for Office Bundle
(Only for the readers in the USA)

11. Christmas Stockings

Instead of doing a typical white elephant gift exchange, build a Christmas stockings station.

  1. One way to do this, is to ask everyone to bring a few things for the Christmas stocking station.
  2. Fill the station with fun items and a Christmas stocking for each guest.
  3. Then everyone grabs a stocking and 2-5 items they would like. Do it a fun way. See ideas below.

You could do this in various ways:

  • simply have the station open during the party
  • draw names to determine who goes first
  • play a Christmas Lane game (like cakewalk – the one who is on the number, gets to fill a stocking)
  • play a Guess the Guest game (whoever guesses correctly first, gets to fill a stocking)

Need ideas for stocking stuffers? Check out stocking stuffer ideas for women and stocking stuffer ideas for men.

12. Christmas Gala

Elegant Red and Gold Christmas Party Invitation
Elegant Christmas Party Invitation from Little Ham Collection, Etsy

Something about this elegant Christmas celebration invitation makes me want to wear a ball gown and dance. Is it the sparkling confetti or the background with beautiful flowy movement? Both! And the gorgeous print.

This festive invitation sets the stage for the most spectacular corporate Christmas party.

Glistening lights, music, dancing, cocktails, and appetizers.

13. Christmas Around the World

Travel around the world at your workplace… or wherever you host the party.

If you do this at work it would be fun if various departments focused on a different country or continent.

Decorate, write about Christmas traditions around the world, serve Holiday treats, and play games.

14. Bonfire

If your company is small, it would be easy to have everyone over for a bonfire.

Roast marshmallows, drink hot cocoa, sing Christmas carols, and play glow-in-the-dark games.

15. Wine and Paint Night

Unwind during the hectic Holiday season.

Instead of a typical office Christmas party, add a sprinkle of creativity and relaxation by going to a wine and paint event.

16. Game Night

Release the inner child and go bowling or have fun at an arcade. You could also gather together to play nostalgic board games and tell funny childhood stories.

Make it a nostalgic potluck and ask everyone to bring a childhood dessert, savory snack, or Christmas dish to share.

17. Santa’s Workshop

Set the stage with a fun Santa’s Workshop backdrop.

Collect toys or other gifts to be donated to homeless shelters or other charity organizations. You could also put together gift baskets to have a more hands-on experience.

Play Christmas music while you work and enjoy treats together.

Serve milk and cookies shaped like

  • presents
  • Santa
  • reindeer

18. Winter Wonderland

“Sleigh bells ring are you listening
In the lane snow is glistening
A beautiful sight oh we’re happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland”

What a happy holiday party it will be in a winter wonderland!

I hosted a simple winter wonderland party for my daughter. This gorgeous snowy lane backdrop looked lovely behind the dessert table. It would be the perfect backdrop for taking pictures at your Christmas gathering.

19. Lavender and Gold

Relaxing Christmas party ideas for work coming your way.

Christmas gift: Spa in a box: soap, lotion.
Lavender Gift Box from Delta Moon Soap, Etsy

Lavender and gold look stylish and festive but also calming. It’s what many of us need this busy time of year.

Beautify the tree with lavender and gold decorations.

Enjoy a relaxing moment sipping tea, having a glass of wine, etc.

Give everyone a Spa in a Box to take home. They will get a lavender lotion, lavender soy candle, and two mini soaps.

20. Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Free Christmas Ice Cream Sundae Bar printable. A sundae with candy cane and sugar cookie toppings.

Ice cream is not only for the summertime. It’s a simple dessert you can serve any time of the year. Set up an ice cream sundae bar with a variety of toppings. Keep the ice cream simple. It’s all about the fixings.

Include seasonal toppings such as

  • gingerbread cookie crumbs
  • candy cane crush
  • whipped eggnog
  • bread pudding

Grab the FREE Christmas ice cream sundae bar printable.

21. Photo Booth

This party is all about taking joyous pictures together.

It’s not only fun to pose, but it will also be hilarious to watch various groups getting together and striking a pose.

All you need is a Holiday backdrop. And lots of photo props.

22. Ice Skating

Nothing like skating under the stars. Go to a local outdoor or indoor rink and glide together into Holiday fun. Enjoy hot chocolate and savory treats, and make great memories.

23. Christmas Truck

Christmas party games. A gnome in a red truck in front of a snow-covered tree.
Christmas Party Games for Work

The beloved red truck is fun, rustic, outdoorsy, and cozy all at the same time.

Decorate the party area with Christmas trucks, gnomes, and trees.

Christmas party games featuring a gnome in a red Christmas truck fill the party with laughter.

Have Fun at the Office Every Season

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