25 Festive Christmas Party Games for Adults

Have a blast celebrating the Christmas season with these fun and entertaining Christmas party games for adults.

Games to play with large groups, small groups, or one-on-one, all sorts of fantastic ideas here for you to try out.

I even have a couple of FREE printables for you. And who does not like free stuff!

So, keep on reading and planning a festive Christmas party for your friends or coworkers.

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25 festive Christmas party games for adutls

1. Candy Cane Spoons

This fast-paced elimination game is great for any size group. We have played it at many parties, and everyone likes it. It’s easy to learn… but you must have quick reflexes to do well.

What You Need

  • candy canes
  • deck of playing cards

How To Play

Just like Spoons except with candy canes.

  1. Place the candy canes in the middle. (One fewer candy cane than players.)
  2.  Deal four cards to each player. Place the remaining cards next to the dealer.
  3.  Each player tries to collect four of a kind.
  4.  The dealer picks a card from the deck (now he has five cards). He passes a card face down to the player on his left. Now, this player passes a card to the next, and so on. The last player (the person to the dealer’s right) places the card he does not want in a discard pile.
  5.  Pick and pass the cards quickly until someone gets four of a kind and takes a candy cane. Everyone else attempts to grab one, too. The one without is either out or gets a letter C-A-N-D-Y. Once someone has collected all the letters, he is out.
  6.  If the deck runs out, reshuffle the discard pile and continue the game.

2. Would You Rather

It’s a fun game you can play at the dinner table or when you want to liven up the party or redirect the conversation to something light-hearted.

What You Need

  • Christmas-themed would you rather questions

Here are a few questions to get you started:

Would you rather…

  • Be friends with Jack Frost OR Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer?
  • Eat cereal with eggnog OR eat candy cane-flavored bacon
  • Have Christmas tree tinsel for hair OR have fingernails that light up like Christmas lights?
  • Get many small presents for Christmas OR get one big present for Christmas
  • Only be able to eat candy canes OR gingerbread cookies?
  • Have pointy ears like an elf OR a glowing red nose like Rudolph?

3. Christmas 20 Questions 

One player chooses a Christmas-themed object (Christmas tree, angel, manger, etc.), and everyone else tries to guess the object by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. They have 20 chances to identify the object. If they can’t, the person gets to pick another object.

4. Gingerbread Man (Christmas Version of Hangman)

A simple Christmas party game for work.

Make the hangman game more delightful by decorating a gingerbread man!

What You Need

  • paper
  • pen

How to Play

Pick a host.

The host chooses a secret Christmas-related word or phrase.

He draws a blank line for each letter in the word. For example, if the secret word is tinsel, draw _ _ _ _ _ _.

The players take turns guessing the letters, or they can work together to pick a letter.

If a player guesses correctly, the host writes the letter on the line. For example, if a player guesses the letter “s,” the host writes the letter in its place _ _ _ S _ _. If the word has more than one of the same letter, they all must be filled in.

If a player guesses incorrectly, the host draws

  • gingerbread man
  • eyes
  • mouth
  • one of the buttons (three in total)
  • bowtie
  • icing line for boots
  • icing line for mittens

And here is one of the FREE Christmas printables for you: Christmas Tree Word Guess. A joyful alternative to the hangman game.

5. Guess What’s in the Stocking

I like to have simple games for the guests to do as they arrive at the party. “Guess what’s in the stocking” is a great game for that.

What You Need

  • stocking
  • random objects
  • paper slips
  • pens

How to Play

  1. Fill up a stocking with random objects.
  2. Each player guesses what’s in the stocking by touch. (You can let them stick their hand inside the stocking if you want to.)
  3. The players write down their guesses.
  4. The one with the most correct answers wins a prize!

6. Find the Guest

Find the Guest Christmas Game. A gnome in a red pick up truck on a snowy lane.

Is there someone among you who can name twelve Christmas songs or who drives a silver car? Find the Guest is a fun icebreaker game for adults.

Play it at your workplace Christmas party and learn something new about your coworkers.

7. Christmas Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Photo Scavenger Hunt printable. A gnome in a red pick up truck.

Play individually or as a team. Either way, you’ll get many awesome Xmas party pictures.

Just make sure you have these items in some form at the party… otherwise, it won’t be as fun. The things to take pictures of could be cookies, place cards, centerpieces, Christmas cards, etc.

8. Christmas Carol Pictionary 

Have a blast figuring out Christmas carols based on your friends’ funky drawings. Split into teams or do it as a whole group. Either way, you’ll surely have a lot of holly, jolly fun!

9. Christmas Charades 

Xmas Movie Charades. Printable cards for the game.

Put your acting skills to the test with some Christmas-themed charades! Think of characters from Christmas movies or lyrics from songs, and try to act them out.

Want to make it simple? Get the Christmas Movie Charades cards for easy entertainment.

10. Saran Wrap Game

This game is challenging for everyone. But you’ll get fun prizes the harder you work.

What You Need

  • plastic wrap
  • prizes, from candy to gift cards
  • oven mitts (optional)


Place a fun prize in the middle. Start wrapping the plastic around it. After a couple of layers, add another prize, and so on.

How to Play

When it’s game time, take turns unwrapping the “prize wrap.” Set a timer to 30 seconds or whatever time you want to. Each person has 30 seconds to tear the wrap and discover prizes. Keep taking turns until all the gifts are out.

Some like to make the game more difficult by wearing oven mitts.

11. Two Truths and a Lie

Just two truths and a lie, but Christmas-themed! Name two Christmas-related things about yourself that are true and throw in a festive lie.

Each player shares their two truths and one lie. The others guess which statements are true and which statement is a lie.

Use the game as an icebreaker to get to know each other or keep score to win a grand prize.

12. How Merry Is Your Christmas?

How Merry Is Your Christmas printable game for adults with statements such as "you own matching family Christmas pajamas."

Are you the Holly Holiday?

If so, you might win a fantastic prize!

This How Merry Is Your Christmas? game has festive statements to measure the level of your Christmas cheer.

It is an easy game for workplace or Christmas party with friends.

13. Xmas Never Have I Ever

Everyone has ten lives (one for each finger). Ask Christmas never have I ever questions, and put a finger down for each you have done. The last person with lives left wins the game and gets a wonderful prize of roasted chestnuts!

14. Name that Christmas Carol

It’s time for some Christmas music!

Play a few seconds of a Christmas carol and the players try to guess the title. Pick some well-known and a few random, unknown songs.

You could also play a portion of a song and whoever can state the next few words of the lyrics, gets a point or a prize.

And if you want to go with a printable Name That Christmas Song, I’ve got you covered. This game has some random lyrics and the players either guess the title or what comes next.

15. White Elephant Gift Exchange

15 festive gift exchange themes for work. Holly and ribbons, a gingerbread star.
11 entertaining gift exchange games for adults. A wrapped gift and poinsettia

What would a Christmas party be without a gift exchange!

This year, make it super cool by choosing a fantastic white elephant gift exchange theme. Once your theme is picked, you’ll want to select an exciting Secret Santa game.

16. Christmas Movie Trivia

Quiz your friends on Christmas movies. Ask random questions about popular Christmas movies and see who knows the most.

Don’t have time to come up with questions? Me neither. This Christmas Movie Trivia collection comes to rescue.

17. Pass the Candy Cane

Hot potato but with a candy cane while playing Christmas music, of course.

18. Cookie Decorating Competition

Who’s the most skilled cookie decorator? You’ll find out soon enough with this.

19. Trim the Tree

A festive version of the toilet paper wrap.

Split into teams and give each group green crepe paper, bows, and festive headbands for tree toppers.

The teams race to trim their tree. Whichever team finishes first wins! You could also reward the group with the best-looking tree.

20. Ornament Spoon Relay Race

Adults like fun, active games, too.

You’ll race with a shatter-proof ornament on a spoon in this one.

Turn it into a group event. Place a stack of ornaments at one end of the room. The teams start from the opposite end. One player from each team at a time runs to grab a decoration, bringing it back on a spoon.

21. Gift Wrap Relay

Would you survive a day at a wrapping station? Let’s find out.

Gather random objects or boxes for the teams to wrap.

Race to wrap as many gifts as you possibly can. Give prizes also for the best-looking presents.

22. Guess the Number of Ornaments

Decorate the room with ornaments (and keep track of how many there are).

Ask the guests to guess how many ornaments there are. The player with the closest guess wins a prize.

23. Christmas Who Am I

Write Christmas-related objects, movies, songs, or characters on sticky notes. Have each player put one on their forehead and take turns asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to figure out who or what they are.

I don’t blame you for not wanting to walk around with a sticky note on your face, so how about writing the Christmas words on clothespins and placing them on the back of your shirts.

24. Last Christmas

Everyone picks a card or several and fills in the blank. (Remember to disguise your handwriting.) Place the cards in a bowl or Santa Hat.

Read the cards and guess who wrote it.

Grab the Last Christmas game for your office Holiday party.

24. Santa, Cookie, Elf, Candy, Snowman

This game is just as hilarious as the popular Taco, Cat, Goat game.

Santa, Cookie, Elf is fast-paced and requires keen attention and quick reflexes, a perfect game for a small group.

25. Guess the Christmas Movie Quote

25 Christmas movie quotes. A free Christmas game printable with a gnome in a red truck design.

So many of us watch the same Christmas movies year after year. Now, you’ll discover how well your coworkers can remember what they have heard.

You’ll need a list of Christmas movie quotes which I happen to have for you. Free printable Christmas party game: Christmas Movie Quotes.

The players guess which movie the quote is from and earn points. The one with the most points wins.

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