Jazz Themed Party Ideas for an Unforgettable Night

All that jazz!

Looking for simple jazz themed party ideas? You have come to the right place. Simple is what I had in mind when I planned a jazz party for my husband.

Simple yet creative and fun.

My hubby is a jazz lover, so when he, to my surprise, agreed to have a party for his sixtieth birthday, I suggested we’d do a jazz club-themed party.

He was excited… well, he liked the idea. He is an INTJ (for those who are MBTI enthusiasts), and excited is not a word he would use about a party.

But I’m pretty sure I saw the excitement in his eyes when he saw all the simple jazz-themed decorations.

By the way, I’m turning fifty this year, and my party theme, or should I say the party words are enchanting and shimmering. My best friend is throwing the party, and I can’t wait to see what she’s come up with!! I’ll share the ideas with you.

Jazz themed party ideas. A tablescape: round black placemats, white plates, roses.

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1. Simple Jazz Party Decorations

How do you decorate for a jazz party?

Keep it formal with black, white, and gold decorations. Red roses, chandleries, crystals, and feathers add a fun touch.

1. Red Roses in Cube Vases

The black, white, and gold color combination looks elegant and festive. No wonder it’s so popular, especially for roaring 20s parties.

But I wanted to add a pop color. And what would be a perfect pop color? Red!

Red roses in a cube vase as a centerpiece as a jazz themed party decoration

The red roses in cube vases looked fabulous.

I found these inexpensive vases at Michaels. They were about 6 inches tall, 4 inches wide, and 3 inches deep. I wanted to decorate with mini musical instruments, but the delivery was postponed, and they did not arrive on time.

Costco’s roses have been great and long-lasting.

Jazz It Up

  • Add greenery or black feathers to the vase for a more dramatic look.
  • Hang horn ornaments from the vases. I think the mini instruments would look great as is (gold) or spray-painted black.
  • Wrap a black or gold ribbon around the vase.

2. Album Covers, Photos, and Posters

A jazz club-themed party needs photos of famous performers and maybe a few posters.

Create a photo wall with these vintage photos of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, and Louis Armstrong,

Or display jazz album covers.

My husband has many records and picked a few of his favorite ones.

Jazz album covers as decorations for a jazz club themed party.

3. Jazz It Up a Little

Jazz it up a little sign in a gold frame.

Grab the FREE jazz it up printable.

I kept things pretty simple. And what could be simpler than framing a jazz-it-up-a-little print? Since I did not have a perfectly fitting photo mat board, I put some gold wrapping paper in the frame under the jazz it up sign.

This way, it matched the fabulous 60-sign next to it. That one is a canvas painting wrapped with gold wrapping paper I got from Hobby Lobby, and the numbers are cutouts. You could also use a marker to write Happy Birthday, the age, or whatever you want.

4. Album Placemats

A white plate on a round, black placemat

We had gluten-free desserts too, and I made a different menu for gluten-free people.

I must admit the tiny napkin looks… tiny. I bought new cloth napkins but forgot to wash them before the party. Be prepared. Be a relaxed hostess. I’m not always completely prepared… I try.

But something always happens when hosting a party, but no worries, it’s not about perfection.

Want to see the “album” placemat?

Album placemat for music themed party

My original idea was to write an album name on each placemat, but I went with a jazz tune for each.

I printed the white labels on sticker paper.

5. Jazz Party Place Cards

Jazz party place card: a trumpet player, musical notes

The trumpet is my husband’s favorite instrument, so I used that in our invitations and the place cards.

If you would rather buy some place cards instead of making them, take a look at these creative paper rose place cards. The roses are made with sheet music paper, which is perfect!

Another fantastic option is laser-cut names! These are bestsellers. And no wonder they look great, and you have several color and material choices. The low price does not hurt either.

6. Musical Notes

Musical notes party decorations. Musical note cutouts on silver canvas.

The answer is nothing if you are wondering what Christmas wrapping paper has to do with jazz. This party was shortly after Christmas, so I used the gift paper-wrapped canvas for this musical note decoration.

You can get musical note vinyl decals or cut out some from cardstock.

7. Jazz Tune Themed Ideas

Take the “A” Train

  • wooden train decorated with the letter A
  • train shaped place cards


  • serve nuts

Fly Me to the Moon

Autumn Leaves

8. Quotes and Lyrics

Frame quotes from your favorite jazz artists. Or display some lyrics on canvas or printed and framed.

9. Candles and Gems for Bling

Crystal candle holders.

Candles and crystals make the jazz dinner party table sparkle.

I have these crystal tea light candle holders, which look great grouped together or randomly placed around the table. The bigger candle holder on the table is a lotus candle holder, and I put it on a little stand to add some height.

10. Jazz Club Sign

This neon jazz club sign sets the stage. Though it does not light up, it looks fabulous and is a must-have for any jazz club-themed party. It’s available in three sizes.

Customize the sign with your name and proudly display it at the party.

2. Jazz Party Games and Activities

What to do at a jazz themed party?

All that jazz! Red roses.

1. Name That Tune

  • Play a jazz tune.
  • Whoever can name it first gets a point.

2. Jazz Trivia

Test your jazz knowledge with What Do You Know about Jazz cards.

3. Dance

What would a jazz party be without dancing!

4. Musical Chairs

Be a kid again and play musical chairs.

5. Play Board Games

Check out this list of engaging board games for adults.

3. Cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres

Red roses, wine glasses, wine bottles.

Our party was a dinner party, and we served two main dishes: creamy beef tortellini and mango chicken with rice (Made with mango sweet and sour sauce.)The sides were salad and rolls. Why these dishes? They were easy to prepare, and it was all about keeping it simple.

A jazz club-themed party would also be fun with mocktails, cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres. Serve delicious appetizers, such as cheddar cheese tarts, guacamole, dreamy fruit dipbite-sized Caprese, and orange walnut stuffed dates.

If serving only hors d’oeuvres, I like to have at least five options.

How many appetizer bites should you have for each guest? Serve 5-7 appetizer bites per person during the first hour of the party and 2-4 per hour after that.

4. Jazz Themed Party Invitations

Jazz party invitation. A trumpet player, musical notes.

Invitations set the stage. Choose from many fantastic options or make your own.

1. An Evening of Jazz

Classy and fun. This editable evening of jazz invitation features musicians surrounded by stars. It’s perfect for a lively jazz party. You can create a flyer, invitations, and tickets!

2. Aged to Perfection

This aged-to-perfection jazz party invitation has a little bit of humor in it. Who does not love that? You provide the info, and you’ll get a digital file ready to be printed.

This neon jazz club sign sets the stage. Though it does not light up, it looks fabulous and is a must-have for any jazz club-themed party. It’s available in three sizes.

Customize the sign with your name and proudly display it at the party.

5. Jazz Party Favor Ideas

You Jazz! Jazz party favor tag attached to a bottle of grape juice and oatmeal cookies.

Haha. Yes, those were our jazz party favors! A small bottle of grape juice and some oatmeal cookies. My husband’s favorites.

1. Chocolate Instruments

Delicious chocolate instruments make great party favors. Pick your favorite: milk, white, or dark chocolate, and order these yummy treats with or without a lollipop stick.

They are individually wrapped and ready to be handed to the party guests.

No need to worry about them melting during the shipment; they are sent with frozen gel packs!

2. Treble Clef Bookmark

Lovely stainless steel treble clef bookmarks with black tassels. Each bookmark comes in a clear gift box.

These bookmarks are inexpensive. Check out the latest price on Amazon.

3. Aged to Perfection Tic Tacs

Fun and simple party favor: aged to perfection labels for Tic Tacs. The customized label fits perfectly on a1oz Tic Tac container. The sweet thank you message makes the heart glad and the Tic Tacs the breath minty.

4. Cocktail Lip Balm

What would a jazz party be without cocktails!

Send the guests on their way with festive cocktail lip balms made from excellent ingredients to nourish, protect, and heal the lips.

How Do You Throw a Jazz Party?

Pick your theme. Many jazz parties have a 20’s or Mardi Gras theme, which can be fabulous. But if you want something simple, create a low-key jazz club with album covers, quotes, posters, red roses, and instruments.

Add a little sparkle with crystals and candles and a pop of color with red roses.

Play amazing jazz tunes in the background, play games, and dance.

Have Fun with Your Adult Friends

Having overnight guests? Check out how to set up a temporary guest room in any space.

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