How to Create a Temporary Guest Room in Almost Any Space

So, you are having overnight guests coming but no guest room. No problem. I’ll show you how to create a temporary guest room in almost any space.

And not just by throwing an air mattress on the floor. Though, there is nothing wrong with that either. But you are here for something bigger.

I’ve got tips for you from room dividers and clever guest bed ideas to all those little details that turn your living room or any spare room into a pop up guest room in a matter of minutes.

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How to create a temporary guest room in living room.

1. Clever Bed Solutions for Temporary Guest Room

Overnight guests need a place to sleep so let’s look at some awesome options. These all are great when creating a temporary guest room in living room or office.

1. Bean Bag Bed

CordaRoy’s comfy bean bag chair folds from bean bag to bed. How cool is that!

A chair by day, a mattress by night.

It comes in various colors and three mattress sizes! And the bean bag cover is washable.

2. Ottoman

This 4 in 1 ottoman is handy. It can be an ottoman, chair, a lounger, or a bed. And if you place a tray on top it becomes a coffee table.

Check out all the fun color options.

3. Chair

A convertible chair is a great option for an apartment. Just pull out the extension and you have a bed for your guest.

4. Air Mattress

Air mattresses have come a long way. While this is not actually a clever solution, it is a great one.

Just bring out the mattress and inflate. Or better yet, get one of the self-inflating mattresses.

5. Daybed or Futon

Sofa beds, daybeds and futons are all awesome options. IKEA Brimnes daybed becomes a full-size bed when you pull out the drawers.

These IKEA hacks for guest bedroom are intriguing.

6. Couch

A couch works as a bed too.

If your couch is a little saggy from lots of use, your guest might wake up with backpain. You can make a couch more comfortable by refilling the cushions or by adding a piece of plywood under the cushions.

I’d go for the easiest solution for a saggy couch by getting one of these inexpensive cushion supports. Just slip it under the cushions and you’ll have a more comfortable couch for the guest to sleep on.

2. Make The Bed Cozy

Couch with pillows and throw blankets. A pair of slippers on wood floor. Cozy guest room.
Image ultra f / Getty / Canva

You’ve got the bed figured out. Now, let’s make it comfy.

1. Extra Softness

Sometimes a futon or an ottoman bed can be too hard. Top them with a memory foam mattress and your guest will sleep better.

2. Bedding and Pillows

Nice, silky smooth sheets and a soft comfortable blanket give a luxurious feeling.

Give the guest a couple of pillow options and an extra blanket for additional warmth or as a lighter option.

Make the bed look more inviting by draping or folding the extra blanket nicely on the bed. Place a stay awhile throw pillow for a cozy, inviting effect.

3. Create Some Privacy

Privacy can be a little bit harder to achieve in a temporary guest room but with some creativity you can provide some privacy to the guests.

1. Screen

Create a guest room right there in the living room with this beautiful wooden screen. It offers a little bit of the much appreciated privacy. And it even has tiny shelfs for decorations or the guest’s items.

2. Plants

Plants as a room divider for a living room guest room combo

A few strategically positioned potted plants offer some privacy… at least a feeling of privacy :).

If you don’t have tall plants, you could place plants on stools or side tables.

3. Curtains

If you frequently turn your living room into a temporary guest room you might want to consider installing a ceiling track for hanging up curtains.

I gathered here a collection of lovely curtain options:

4. Storage Space

The guest might prefer to keep all their stuff in a suitcase or overnight bag but if you’d like to offer some place for their clothing and other stuff here are several cool options:

  1. coat tree
  2. rod attached to a shelf (remove pictures and decor items and place a couple of baskets for the guests’ belongings)
  3. storage ottoman
  4. basket
  5. decorative boxes (stack them up and it is also a nightstand)
  6. cube organizers in a book case
  7. under couch storage bins

5. Nightstand

Nightstand for temporary guestroom: an ottoman with a tray.

Bed and a nightstand. Now it’s beginning to look like a guest room.

7 ways to create a temporary nightstand:

  1. Place a tray on top of an ottoman for a hard, more level surface.
  2. Stack up a couple of decorative boxes.
  3. Place a tray on a basket with a lid.
  4. Drag an end table next to the bed.
  5. Use a storage trunk with or without a tray.
  6. Turn a folding tray into a nightstand.
  7. Use a foldable bamboo shower stool. (I’ve got something similar to this and it would actually make a cute little temporary nightstand.)

6. The Little Details for Lovely Ambiance

Whether you have a temporary guest room or an actual guest bedroom it’s the little details that make it inviting.

Flowers in a vase with a yarn heart decor. Books and a coffee cup make the pop up guest room inviting.
Image: Serbogachuk / Getty / Canva Pro

1. Room Darkening Curtains

Do the street lights shine directly into the living room or whatever space you’re working with? Hang up a pair of room darkening curtains so the guest don’t feel like they are sleeping in a spotlight.

2. Lights

Lantern and star shaped string lights on a tray on a bed in guest bedroom.
Image: marrakeshh / Getty / Canva Pro

Lanterns, lamps, string lights, flashlight… look around and see what is needed in the space. It would be great if you had a lamp near the bed so the guest can turn the light on and off without getting out of the bed.

Some plugin night lights can come handy too.

3. Sounds

A sound machine in the guest area can make it easier for everyone. You don’t have to worry about waking up the guests while getting ready for the new day.

4. Welcome Basket

Fill a basket or a tray with items that make your guest’s stay more comfortable. Add a handwritten note for extra sweetness.

5. Snacks

Basket or box overflowing with snacks and beverages is always well-received.

6. Entertainment

A collection of books and magazines, a journal and pen along with a remote to the TV ensure the guest has something fun to do.

Of course, the password to WiFi is something your guest would like to have too.

Hosting Overnight Guests 101

Hosting overnight guests whether you have a guest room or a pop up guest room involves the same basic things. Providing the guests with a place to sleep and making the stay as comfortable as possible.

You’ll find these ideas for the guest room and guest bathroom essentials quite helpful when setting up your temporary guest room:

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