IKEA Hacks for Guest Bedroom

Everyone loves IKEA hacks! And these brilliant IKEA hacks for guest bedroom will inspire you to create a fun and functional space the guests will enjoy.

From a daybed for two to a coffee bar on wheels it’s all here. These IKEA hacks for guest bedroom are great for any size room or designated guest area.

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Creative and functional IKEA hacks for guest bedroom.

1. Daybed for Two

IKEA Brimnes daybed in its simplicity provides a fun “blank” canvas to work with. It’s ideal for a small guest bedroom or even an office that also functions as a guest room.

What is cool about this one is that the drawers below have slats over them so when you pull out the drawers you double the sleeping space. And just like that you have a full-size bed for the overnight guests.

Two mattresses are needed for the full size bed and they can be stored right on the daybed as the cushion.

The large drawers provide plenty of space for storing pillows and blankets.

Use your creativity to fashion a fun backboard and you’ll have an awesome daybed that you’ll gladly display in your office or small guest room.

Find more info on this beautiful IKEA daybed hack from My Design Dump.

2. Nightstand with Ample Storage (Kallax)

IKEA Kallax cube thingy comes handy when furnishing a guest room.

It provides plenty of space for the guests to place their phones and other items they want nearby.

Put on the shelves items that make your guests stay more comfortable like tissue, pens and paper, books, magazines, and snacks.

You could also add a couple of storage cubes for the guests’ personal belongings. It’s like a tiny closet… without doors.

This lovely idea is from The Every Girl.

3. Bookshelf as Clothes Rack

This IKEA shelf hack is for those who don’t have a closet in the guest bedroom or need some additional space to hang up stuff.

It’s actually a quite cool idea for an office/guest room combo.

Grab a Fjälbo or Skogsta solid wood shelf and attach a metal rail to it. And just like that you have created more closet space. IKEA sells rails that can work with this project.

This idea is brought to you by the Spruce.

4. IKEA Wardrobe Hack

No closet, no problem.

Closet that is filled with your stuff, no problem.

Transform the simple Aneboda wardrobe into a rustic farmhouse style free-standing closet.

It will be a lovely addition to any guest bedroom.

See the tutorial at Angela Marie Made.

5. Snack Bar IKEA Hacks for Guest Bedroom

It’s not like a snack bar is necessary but it can make your guests feel more comfortable.

No matter how many times you tell them to “be at home” some of them won’t feel at ease digging through your pantry. So, a well-stocked snack bar in the guest room provides a perfect solution.

This cute idea of using a Kallax unit as a coffee bar is from Oh Everything Handmade.

It’s amazing how adding furniture legs changes the look of this simple IKEA storage unit.

Hang up nice artwork above.

Grab decorative baskets to store coffee bar essentials and the snacks to make the bar appealing.

Depending on the snacks you serve, you might want to include a few bowls and plates.

And somewhere in the room, you might want to place a couple of trays too. Makes enjoying those snacks a little easier… and less messy.

If you need a movable snack bar, consider using pretty-looking casters. Now you can move the coffee bar wherever it is needed.

And when it’s time for refills push the cart in the kitchen and add snacks and new dishes. Of course, to do this your guest room should be on the same floor as the kitchen unless you have an elevator.

This is great if you don’t have a guest room but need to turn an office or another area into one.

This IKEA bar cart hack is from Shelterness.

6. Divider for Guest Bedroom

If you don’t have a guest room, you can create a special area for the overnight guests with a divider. There are all kinds of pretty room dividers for you to choose from.

But if you are looking for a divider that is also more permanent and practical, check out this fun IKEA room divider hack.

These stacked cubes and storage units divide any space in two.

If the shelves face the guest side, they can use those to store their personal belonging.

Use IKEA drawer and door inserts, so the guests have a place for putting things “out of sight.”

Depending on how you stack these units you could turn this into a “guest center”.

It could have it all:

  • snack bar
  • books and magazines
  • tissue, paper and pens
  • place for a TV
  • drawers and cubbies for the guest

This idea comes via Apartment Therapy.

More fun guest room divider ideas in this How to Create a Temporary Guest Room in Any Space.

7. IKEA Dresser Hack

Modify IKEA Hemnes dresser into this beauty!

I don’t think Hemnes dresser looks bad as it is but in this Tutorial Sarah Hellen Randall gives it a more modern look.

8. A Chair for Guestroom

As a guest you have the luxury of being able to just be and enjoy the moment.

If you have space in the guest room, you might want to consider adding there a comfortable chair. And a nice throw blanket and maybe a pillow or two. An ottoman would be a much-appreciated bonus.

Oh, the nice relaxing moments your guests will experience on this IKEA Poang Armchair.

A perfect place for them to kick back and read a book or watch their favorite TV show.

With some paint you can customize the chair to match your guest bedroom decor.

My Domaine.

9. Entertainment Center for Guest Room

And how to display the reading material for guests?

In Kallax, of course!

The Kallax provides a place for the books and magazines and a small TV.

A very nice, compact entertainment center for a small guest bedroom.

You could even use one of those shelves for the snacks. How cool is that!

The simplest IKEA hacks for guest bedroom: Kallax styling idea from The Every Girl.

Create a cozy place for your overnight guests with these IKEA hacks for guest bedroom. They will appreciate it!

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