Lovely Guest Room Decor Ideas

We all love entering a space that feels like an oasis in this hectic life. Your guest bedroom can be that special place.

With a few well-thought guest room decor items, you can add style and character to this particular room.

Keep it uncluttered but don’t shy away from including some unique items that show off your personality.

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14 finishing touches for the guest room. A pink flower in a white vase.

1. Flowers

There is something special about fresh flowers. It could be something simple like daisies from your backyard or a most beautifully crafted bouquet from a flower shop.

Light blue flowers in a vase on a table next to a coffee cup in a guest room.
Image by gyro / Getty / Canva Pro

As with any other guest room decoration idea, think about ways to make it even more special.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the flowers:

  • pop-color
  • flower of the month
  • guest’s favorite flower
  • your favorite flower
  • flower with a particular meaning

2. Be Our Guest – Sign (Guest Room Wall Decor)

Be Our Guest wall art. One word in each sign. (from pollywantaprint)
Be Our Guest Sign from Polly Want A Print, Etsy

Maybe your home is not filled with clocks and teapots that burst into a song, but nobody is going to stop you from singing “be our guest.”

This lovely be our guest sign set is from Polly Want A Print and you can get it in over 40 colors and in various sizes. It’s a perfect guest room wall decor for above the bed or a dresser.

3. Make Yourself at Home – Pillow

Make yourself at home pillow on a guestroom bed.
Make Yourself at Home from Sound Freeze Studio, Etsy

We all want our guests to feel at home but not to the extent when they feel like they need to do all the chores. What kind of vacation would that be?

Enhance the welcoming feeling with a luxurious satin pillowcase with a heartwarming message: make yourself at home.

4. Pictures

And not just any old pictures but photos of the good times you have had with these guests.

A creative way to display photos in a guest room. Two dowels attached to each other with strings. Photos clipped on the strings. A bookcase filled with pretty items like a basket, vase, an hourglass.
Image: Scopio Images / Canva Pro

These collage art pieces are so fun and customizable. You can easily change the pictures in a matter of seconds.

First, if you don’t have one, they are SUPER simple to make. You can use a dowel or even a small branch for the top. Get some string, thin jute rope works well, and cute shapes if you like. Plus some little clothespins. ⁣

This is the fun part….

For your guests, write down memories of past times together and clip them to the strings. Have pictures with them? Hang those. It will be like a trip down memory lane. ⁣

Have ideas of things to do with your guests, or some activities they might like to do on their own? Put the ideas on note cards and clip those to the strings. ⁣

You could clip breakfast time and the menu.⁣

Clip some encouraging quotes, or a joke or two. ⁣

The possibilities are endless. ⁣

Photos are one of the greatest guest room decor on a budget!

A digital picture frame would also be an excellent option, with several pictures in a slide show.

If you are the sentimental type, you’ll love this: One Friendship Can Change Your Whole Life picture frame.

5. Water Fountain

Your guests will enjoy relaxing in the peaceful guest room while listening to the calming water sounds.

Table top water fountain. A white bowl filled with succulents and rocks.
Tranquil Fountain from Fountains of Life, Etsy

This beautiful indoor fountain with succulents and river rocks is just what the guest room needs. You might find yourself in there more often, unwinding at the end of a busy day.

6. Clock

Wall clock, alarm clock, grandfather clock, digital clock, or a clock with roman numbers, let your personality show with this one.

I like clocks, and I think every room needs one, preferably an analog one. The digital ones just don’t tell the time the same. Yep, I’m that old.

This bestseller silent wall clock with Roman numbers is totally awesome!

If your guests are from a different time zone, they will love this time zone wall clock. It’s got two clocks you can set to whatever time you want to. There is also a place for you to write with chalk the city, state, or country for that particular time zone.

The guest room would not be the same without these finishing touches. 14 simple  guest room decor ideas. Two pillows and a throw blanket on a rustic bench.


Quotes in frames, shadow boxes, pillows, or magnets enhance the mood of the room. Make them sentimental or funny.

Our laughs limitless, our memories countless, our friendship endless. Get this friendship quote as an svg-file to make your own decor.

The best things in life are the people we love, the places we’ve been, and the memories we have made along the way. Purchase the best things in life quote svg-file and create the loveliest guest room decor with it.

8. Storage Basket

Since you’ll provide storage space for the guest’s stuff anyway, make it pretty. The best kind of storage functions also as guest room decor.

Four hanging baskets with plants.
Hanging Baskets from Hobsonville Co, Etsy

These handmade hanging storage baskets add a bit of a country flair to your guest room. Fill a couple of them with plants and leave the rest empty for the guest’s sunglasses, keys, phone, etc.

9. Coasters

Coasters are an easy way to add some personality to the guest bedroom.

Choose coasters that

  • match the decor
  • ensure laughter
  • remind of the good times
  • make the guest feel special

10. Blankets

One can never have too many blankets.

Chunky knit blanket. A coffee mug and candle on a wooden board.
Image: Alena Ozerova / Canva Pro

A blanket adds an instant cozy effect to any room.

Drape gorgeous Moroccan pompom blankets over the bed and the chairs. Or provide your guests with a handmade chunky knit blanket. DIY or get one of these bestseller knit blankets from Sheps Wool. You won’t be disappointed.

11. Candy Jar

Glass candy jar filled with yellow meringue. A yellow ribbon tied around the jar.
Image: Pnik / Canva Pro

Sweet! Like a bowl of sunshine. I want one of these!!

What could bring sweeter moments to the visit than a jar full of candy?

Put the candy in a jar with an engraved message.

Sweet things to write:

  • You are what you eat, so eat something sweet!
  • I am just here for the candy!
  • Enjoy life, it’s delicious!

12. Mug

White mug with text "relax" on a window ledge with red tulips in a vase.
Background Image: Lisa Fotios / Pexels / Canva

Chill, relax, be on energy-saving mode.

That’s what you want your guests to do, right?

Encourage them to enjoy the moment with inspirational mugs. They look fantastic as simple guest room decoration.

Put the mugs on a pretty tray with some flowers and a couple of books, and you have a lovely thing to display on the dresser.

13. Lanterns and Candles

Wouldn’t you agree that shimmering candles are the most relaxing light there is?

White lantern on a wooden table. Dark blue background with snowflakes.
Image: Yuganov Konstantin / Canva Pro

Adorn the guest room with lanterns and pretty candle holders. Your guests will enjoy the soft, flickering light.

14. Funny Signs

Provide some snickers and laughter with funny guest room signs like this one:

A funny guest room sign: Welcome to our bed & breakfast, a getaway where you make both.

Welcome to our bed and breakfast – a getaway where you make both!

Would you like to have a printable bed and breakfast sign? It’s FREE.

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