Welcome Basket for House Guests

Creating a welcome basket for house guests is a lot of fun. The basket can be anything you want it to be.

Here, you’ll find ideas for welcome basket basics, ways to make it more personal, and tips on adding your signature style. And not just in a note, though those are special too.

With these ideas, you’ll create a basket that is fun to give and a delight to receive. Your guests can’t wait to visit again and see what you have in store, or should I say “in the basket” for them.

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1. How to Make a Welcome Basket for Guests? – Basics

What to put in guest room basket?

It depends.

Yeah, really helpful.

But it’s true.

It depends on what your goal is for the basket. Is it for providing the “oops, I forgot” items or for pampering the guests? Maybe it’s a basket full of gifts or things to do during the visit.

Whatever you choose to do, you can put together a lovely and warm welcome basket for your overnight guests with this step-by-step guide! Find out the must-have items to include in your personalized creation.

a. Start With Some Welcome Basket Basics

What could be more basic than

  • water and
  • snacks
Step 1: Basics for welcome basket for house guests: water and snacks.

Provide a water bottle for each night of the guest’s stay. Local and homemade snacks and treats are always well received. But as you can see, I have neither homemade nor local snacks in the basket above LOL.

If your guest stays longer than a night or two, it might be easiest to have a snack station you can refill as needed. Otherwise, you’ll need a giant basket for all those water bottles and food.

b. Add a Few Personal Care Items

Who here has never forgotten to pack some personal care stuff?

It happens. And when it does, it’s nice to find those items in a basket waiting for you.

Welcome Basket for Guests Basics
  • toothbrush
  • floss
  • toothpaste
  • hair band
  • nail clippers

This list can go on and on.

That’s why I wrote a separate post about guest bathroom essentials. In addition to tips on creating the feeling of luxury, it’s got great lists of personal care and first aid items. You can put those either in the guest room welcome basket or in the guest bathroom.

c. Throw In Some Cords

We live in a world of technology.

Practical Items for welcome basket for guests.

Your guests, more than likely, have at least a phone with them. Provide them with a

  • charger and
  • extension cord

Of course, it would help if you knew what kind of phone they have. Since an apple cord won’t do any good if they have an android.

d. Provide Entertainment

No matter how short the stay, it’s a good idea to put a few fun things to do in the basket.

Games and a journal for welcome basket for overnight guests.
  • magazine
  • game
  • wi-fi password
  • book
  • journal
  • activity book (like sudoku)

These things say: go ahead and relax awhile.

A basic welcome basket for guests is great, but if you’d like it to be something little more, read on.

2. Seasonal Ideas for a House Guest Welcome Basket

Now we get to the really fun stuff.

Though a basket filled with the basics is awesome, adding a few seasonal items gives it a totally different feel.

These two things go with any season:

  • socks
  • throw blanket

At least all your female friends will appreciate cozy socks. A lightweight throw is great for the warmer months and a comfy sherpa one for the colder months.

These Nordic woven throws add lovely texture to the room. Choose from six popular colors the one that best matches your guest room.

a. Winter

Hot cocoa mix in a mug and a scarf for winter welcome basket for guests.
  • cocoa mix
  • mug
  • mittens
  • scarf
  • tickets to ice skating rink
  • hand warmers

b. Spring

Umbrella and bug spray for spring welcome basket for guests.

It’s no fun if the umbrella gets turned inside out in the wind. To prevent that unpleasant experience, get one of these windproof compact umbrellas. They actually work. I’ve got one.

c. Summer

Sunhat, towel and sunscreen for summer welcome basket for house guests
  • towel
  • sunhat
  • sunscreen
  • flip flops
  • ticket to an outdoor concert
  • picnic blanket

d. Fall

Shawl, scented candle, mug for fall welcome basket for overnight guests.
  • plaid shawl
  • autumn scented candle (My favorite candles are from Chasing Natural – lovingly made by a good friend of mine.)
  • pumpkin spice latte mix
  • cider donuts
  • directions to a pumpkin patch or corn maze
  • travel mug

I found some good-looking, inexpensive plaid shawls that would be perfect for the welcome basket for guests. I think I’ll get one for myself too. I just have not been able to decide yet which one. It’s going to be either the number 53, 54, or 59. (There are over 60 options!)

So, I ordered a couple! The one in the picture is #53. I love it!

3. Make It Personal

I love it when a friend remembers little details about me. I’d think that you do too. It makes you feel special and gives you the warm fuzzy feeling.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. What is your guests favorite

  • author
  • color
  • season
  • beverage
  • snack
  • music
  • movie
  • sport
  • activity
  • sports team
  • game
  • theater play
  • book
  • country

2. Do you have an inside joke?

3. What do you enjoy doing together?

4. Have you traveled together, where?

Including something personal takes the welcome basket to a whole new level. Add one simple item or create a basket around a theme.

Various holidays give you many fun options as well.

And don’t forget about the little guests. Throw in something fun for the kids too, like a game, book, or a toy. Hosting overnight guests with kids will be a breeze with these tips.

4. Add Local Flare

Another exciting thing to add is something local.

In West Michigan I could add things like

  • blueberry jam
  • tulips
  • light house ornament
  • craft beer
  • beach bag
  • wine

5. Your Signature Style

Besides making it personal, make it also “you.”

Add your signature style.

For me, the Relaxed Hostess, it would be something about relaxing. Or since I’m from Finland I could also add something Finnish.

Your signature style can be anything! Have fun with it!

6. Sweeten It With a Note

And last but not least, add a sweet note to let the guest know how happy you are to host them.

Welcome Basket Ideas – Summary

Create a warm and welcoming experience with a special welcome basket for your house guests. Fill it with items like cozy slippers, snacks and drinks, bath products, and a personalized note of welcome. Your guests will be sure to appreciate the extra effort you have gone to in order to make them feel comfortable.

To sum it all up:

1. Start with the Basics

  • Put in some water and snacks
  • Add personal care items.
  • Throw in some cords.
  • Provide entertainment.

2. Add Seasonal Goodies

3. Make it Personal

4. Add Local Flare

5. Create Signature Style

6. Write a Note

Just have fun with it.

Be creative and come up with cute themes.

Welcoming guests in your home is a lovely thing. But it can be stressful too. I’m here to help you to be prepared so you can be a relaxed hostess and enjoy the company of family and friends.

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