Hosting Houseguests With Children

What a joy it is to host overnight houseguests with children. Lots of laughter and high-energy activities.

These tips will help you to be prepared for all the fun. They will help you to be a relaxed hostess.

The kids will feel welcome, and their parents will appreciate your taking a few extra steps to ensure that their stay at your house will be fun and relaxing.

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Tips for hosting houseguests with kids. Make the visit go smoothly. Cartoon children peaking from behind a block.

1. Put Away Valuable Keepsakes

Yeah, kids should know not to touch everything they see but let’s face it, little kids love to explore. Even the less energetic children run, jump, touch, drop and bump into things.

Help everyone to relax by putting away those items that are irreplaceable.

And whatever is there… as hard as it can be for some of us to remember, it is just stuff.

2. Clear a Space for Their Stuff

  • Have a basket ready for the toys the kids might bring with them.
  • Empty a drawer or clear some closet space for their clothes. Place some hooks low enough for them to use.
  • Put some command hooks in the bathroom for their towels. You might even want to have some fun towels for them.
  • Clear some space for their shoes and coats too.

3. Make Their Beds Cozy

Create a cozy place for the kids to sleep in. Whether it is an actual bed or a mattress on the floor, make it inviting. Good pillows and comfy blankets will do the trick.

The sounds of your home might keep the little ones… and even the adults awake, so consider placing a white noise machine in the guest room.

Take a look at the tips on creating a welcoming guest room.

4. Help The Kids to Settle In

Give the kids a tour of your house. Perhaps the parents want to join too, but they might also want to use this time to unpack their stuff.

Show them

  • where they can play
  • where the snacks are
  • where they can put their stuff
  • where their towels are
  • where their beds are

5. Make The Meal Times Enjoyable

It will make your meal planning easier if you ask the parents what kind of foods their kids like. The children will be delighted to see you serving their favorite main dish, side dish, or dessert.

Keep some snacks available too. The guests will be thankful for easy access to sweet and salty treats. See some fun ideas for creating a snack bar for the guest room.

Kids love to help. At least some of them do. If you notice that they want to be helpers, give them little tasks like setting the table.

Will your guests need a high chair or a booster? Nobody expects you to have everything ready for them. But if you happen to have access to things that make mealtime easier, go ahead and use them.

6. Create a Retreat – A Quiet Spot

Hosting houseguests with kids. A gray and white striped teepee in a guest room. Fluffy pillows and a teddy bear in a kids teepee.
Set up a teepee in the guest room – it’s a fantastic reading nook for children.

This is a sponsored pitch by A Mustard Seed Toys, but the opinions are all mine.

Kids love cozy little spaces. Mine always wanted to use the couch cushions etc., to build forts and tents. But they would have loved a teepee like this!

A teepee makes a fun reading nook or a playhouse. You’ll earn the best hostess title by having one available.

I love the tent A Mustard Seed Toys sent me. And I look forward to setting it up whenever we have little kids visiting.

I was so happy to notice that this teepee does not have a bad chemical scent. I actually can’t smell anything. And I have a super-sensitive nose! I dealt with a severe chemical sensitivity for many years, and so many things made me ill, but I’d have been fine having this teepee around.

My children are too old to use it, even though I could see one of them wanting to crawl in to read books. I might even want to sit in it and have a relaxing moment.

Place a couple of pillows and a throw blanket in the teepee for a cozy atmosphere. Add some books, and you have made a fun place for relaxation. You may even find your little guest napping in the teepee.

If you purchase a kids’ teepee directly from A Mustard Seed Toys, they will donate one to a child in need. You can also explore their teepee collection at Amazon.

7. Get a Play Area Ready

You don’t need a huge playroom, but a designated spot for toys is always awesome.

Put in baskets some toys like blocks, dishes, cars, and STEM toys. A rug would be nice if you have hardwood floors. It would also mark up a special play area. Not that the kids would necessarily stay on it. But it would perhaps help keep the toys from being left all over the place.

Have some craft supplies and ideas ready too! If you are into crafts, I’m sure the kids would be excited if you spent some time with them being creative.

Check out the 7 well-loved toys for the guest room.

8. Childproof

Walk through the house, especially the guest room, checking for things that could be dangerous for the kids. Make the guest room a safe place for the guests and their children to hang out.

9. Display Photos

Do you have pictures of the kids? Drawings they have made for you? Frame those and display them in your home. It will make them happy to see that you have kept their artwork.

10. Handy Things to Have Around

Step Stool

Place a step stool in the bathroom for easy hand washing.

Travel Crib

The parents will appreciate this fabulous travel crib! The soft foam mattress is approved for overnight sleep. The crib folds and fits into a backpack carrying case, so it won’t take much space when not in use.

Booster Seat for Dining Table

This compact booster seat is fantastic! I like that it does not have a back. It is simply a cushion that helps a child reach the table better. It’s got an anti-slip bottom and a strap that keeps it in place.

11. Go Outside

Since the kids seem to have endless energy and a need to run around, it’s a great idea to spend time outdoors.

Buy a couple of balls, bubble wands, and buckets and shovels if you happen to have an area that is great for digging.

Explore parks, beaches, and trails. Go on a neighborhood scavenger hunt. You’ll have time to chat with the adults while the kids are busy looking for things such as a red car or a basketball hoop.

12. Fun Activities

It’s fun to have fun!

I already mentioned the parks and beaches. But there are so many cool things your guests might want to do. Go to museums, festivals, and sightseeing. Bring some snacks along, and maybe a stroller or wagon the kids can rest in when they get tired of walking around.

Find out what national holidays fall on the days you are hosting houseguests with children. If it is a national ice cream day, then have a little ice cream party. National movie day? Watch a movie together. There might be some specific movie days as well. Keep an eye on the fun things!

Just make sure that you carve some time for relaxation too. Exhausted kids and adults can get cranky.

13. Do You Need a Pop-Up Guest Room?

What to do if you don’t have a guest room or the whole family does not fit in the guest room?

Create a temporary guest room!

Get Ready for Houseguests With Children

Be prepared and you all will have way more fun during the visit. Make the kids feel welcome with all the fun details such as comfy blankets, toys, books, and designated play areas.

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