7 Fun Toys for the Guest Room (for 5 to 11 year old)

How to keep the little guests entertained?

With fun toys! You don’t need a ton of toys, just a few basic, classic ones that pretty much anyone likes. Check out this collection of well-loved toys for the guest room and pick your favorites.

These toys will appeal to a wide age range.

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1. Building Blocks

Building blocks have been popular forever. And no wonder. They are fun to play with and encourage imaginative play.

You could go with colorful Legos® that provide hours of fun for everyone. But if you want to maintain a more neutral look for the space, grab a set or two of these wooden blocks in various shapes.

These interlocking discs, that look like flowers, are quite cute. The kids can create various things with these.

2. Kitchen Accessories

I’ve not met a child who did not enjoy working in a play kitchen. You don’t need a whole kitchen but if you have one, awesome!

I’m sure the kids will get creative and turn anything into a stovetop like a chair or a suitcase.

This kitchen accessory set has lots of fun things including a pot, pan, kettle, pressure cooker, cooking utensils, cups, plates, and pretend food.

Other fun ideas include coffee shop or bakery accessories.

Get ready to “taste” various creations your little guests will whip up.

3. Puzzles

Keep a few 50-100 piece puzzles in the guest room for 5-6 year olds, 200-300 pieces for 7-11 year olds.

You might want to have a couple of puzzles for the adults too. Start working on one with your guests while you chat. Though I must say, it can be pretty hard to work on a puzzle with more than two people.

4. Magnetic Drawing Board

A good old-fashioned magnetic drawing board can be quite entertaining. But if you prefer an electronic drawing pad, check out this one. It looks fun and it’s got great reviews.

These can be brought along for car rides and are great for any moment when quiet play is preferable.

5. Board Games

Simple board games keep the kids busy. And not only kids, you all will have a fantastic time playing games together.

Make some amazing memories with all the houseguests.

These are some fun games for ages 5 and up:

Ages 8 and up:

6. Games for 1 Player

We’ve all been there… nobody else wants to play a game. These one-player games are perfect for those moments.

Ages 5 and up

Ages 8 and up

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7. Simple Crafts

A little craft corner in the guest room encourages creativity. Watch the kids make all sorts of cute creations with these craft kits.

Simple Toys for the Guest Room

You don’t need to have a toy store, but a few fun toys in the guest room make the guests feel welcome. Keep it simple, or go crazy. Either way, it will be appreciated.

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