Books for the Guest Room (Reading Nook)

A vacation, no matter how short, is the time when many of us want to grab a book and read a bit. These intriguing books for the guest room provide great entertainment for the overnight guests.

Though I like to bring my own books with me when I go on a vacation, I love it when the host family has some books or magazines for me to cozy up with.

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15 Books for the guest room. A stack of books on a tray with a coffee mug.
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Cozy Reading Nook for the Guest Room

Let’s start by talking about a reading nook, then I’ll present you with a fun book selection.

How to create a cozy reading nook in the guest room?

It is helpful to have

  • a comfy chair
  • a good light like a floor lamp by the chair and
  • a cozy blanket
  • maybe even a pair of fuzzy socks
  • a table or a little bookcase
  • a coaster for a tea mug
  • a notebook and pens
  • and bookmarks

If you don’t have room for a recliner or an armchair, any chair will do. Add a nice pillow for back support and an ottoman to put the feet up.

You don’t need a chair at all. The bed is great too, and a few extra pillows and a nice throw blanket make the reading experience pleasant.

If you don’t have a separate guest room, you can turn any space into a temporary guest room the guests will enjoy.

And now back to the reading nook:

Add a few snacks for your guests and they will have a wonderful time reading while enjoying delicious treats.

I’ve got some fun snack and creative snack bar ideas for the guest room. I think you’ll like those tips!

1. Regional Books for the Guest Room

Every area has some exciting things to explore and fascinating facts to look into.

Think about the history of the area, what is produced in the area, pretty places, unique experiences, etc.

I live in West Michigan, so these are some of the books I’d choose from:

There are Bucket List Adventure Guides for various states. Take a look!

It would be fun to include a local tour guide in the guest room library.

2. Agatha Christie Novels

Agatha Christie is the best-selling author of all time, and her novels, as frightening as they might be for some, are a great addition to your guest room library.

3. Classic Fairy Tales

Your guests just might enjoy reading some of the classic fairy tales from their childhood, such as Christian Andersen’s Ugly Duckling, the Teapot, or the Snow Queen.

And who knows, maybe they have not even read these stories before.

I have to say that some of the original classic fairy tales can be really creepy. Have you ever read the original story of Grimm Brothers’ Cinderella or Andersen’s Little Mermaid? I have not, but I have heard what happens in them. Not so sweet.

But who knows, some might find them fascinating.

4. Twisted Tales

There is a series called Twisted Tales that present you some beloved stories with a twist.

How about finding out what would have happened if Rapunzel’s mom drank the potion from the wrong flower or Ariel never defeated Ursula?

I just finished reading an intriguing duology about Neverland. The books Dust and Shadow (Heirs of Neverland) take the reader into the dark side of this popular tale of the boy who never grew up.

5. Design the Home You Love

Books for the guest room. A book on a bed. A tray with a coffee mug.
Image Credit: fotografierende from Pexels/Canva

Design the Home You Love provides tips on creating a space that looks and feels good. As your guests flip through the pages, they’ll learn how to mix and match different colors, where to splurge, and how to style various surfaces.

It might just happen that after enjoying your hospitality, the guests are eager to go home and start decorating their homes.

6. Biography

Any interesting people in your town? Who do you admire?

Grab a biography or two to add to the guest room reading nook.

7. Greatest Landscapes

Gather some books about beautiful places such as beaches and mountains. Check out Greatest Landscapes for gorgeous pictures anyone would enjoy.

8. Five Love Languages

This easy-to-read book gives you ideas on improving relationships by learning about various love languages.

9. Please Understand Me II

Studying people is quite fascinating. This book, Please Understand Me II, has great information about different personalities.

Perhaps it will help your guest understand his family and friends’ quirks… and his own.

10. Garfield

How about some comic books for the guest room!

I have always loved Garfield comics! They are funny and light-hearted, which makes them perfect bedtime reading. And why not start the day with some humor too!

11. Your Legacy

What do you want people to remember about you?

This little book will give you food for thought. Your Legacy inspires you to design a life that honors God, blesses others, and brings joy to your own soul.

12. 3001 Unusual Facts and Funny True Stories

This is definitely a book anyone can learn something from… at least for entertainment purposes. Check out 3001 Unusual Facts and Funny True Stories and grab one for your guest room bookshelf.

13. The Ultimate Brain Health Puzzle Book

Help your guests to keep their brains young. The Ultimate Brain Health Puzzle Book strengthens mental skills with crossword puzzles, cryptograms, word searches, and sudoku.

Another fun book would be The 125 Brain Teasers of All Time. This book has five levels of mind benders to sharpen your logic, language, and problem-solving skills. Unlike the brain health puzzle book I mentioned, you don’t write your answers in this book.

14. Jane Austen Novels

Pride and Prejudice keeps fascinating the readers. One of my favorite characters is Mrs. Bennet because she adds some funny moments to the story.

Pick a book or two from Jane Austen’s collection or get them all. This inexpensive set has five Jane Austen books (Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, and Sense and Sensibility.)

15. Seasonal Books for the Guest Room

How about adding some holiday books too! There are plenty of books for each holiday ranging from novels to DIY projects.

16. Something “You”

I’m originally from Finland, and my guests are curious about life there. So, I like to have some books about Finland for them to explore.

17. Books for Kids

If you host overnight guests with kids, place some books for the kids in the guestroom too. Take a look at the fun teepee that makes a delightful reading spot for kids: Tips on Hosting Overnight Guest with Children.

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