Snack Bar Ideas for the Guest Room

Your guests will appreciate a well-stocked snack bar in the guest room.

It’s a gesture that makes the visit more enjoyable for everyone.

No matter how many times you tell your guests to be at home, some of them just don’t feel comfortable digging through your pantry.

But if you have a designated snack bar, that changes everything.

Your guests are free to grab a treat whenever they want to, and you don’t have to constantly ask if they need anything. Win-win.

NOTE: You’ll find here creative snack bar ideas AND a list of snacks to put in the guest room.

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6unique snack bar ideas for guestroom. Various fruit in a basket.

How to Create a Snack Bar for Guests

Let’s look at some creative ways to display the snacks.

a. Picnic Basket

Handmade wicker basket with removable lining. (from organicgoodss, Etsy)
Wicker Basket from Organicgoodss, Etsy

I LOVE this!

This handmade picnic basket looks inviting. The treats taste even better when served from a lovely basket like this.

The basket has a removable, washable lining. And it’s made with non-toxic materials.

You just might want to have two of the Wicker Picnic Baskets, one for yourself and one for the guests.

b. Bamboo Serving Stand

Bamboo serving stand (OhmyHomes, Etsy)
Bamboo Serving Stand from OHmyHomes, Etsy

Fill this serving stand with all kinds of yummy things, and put it in the guest room or on the kitchen counter for easy snack grabbing.

The bamboo stand has a lovely curved design, and it is handmade. It’ll add a nice touch to any guest room. Order yours today!

c. Farmhouse Snack Cart

Farmhouse Bar Cart (A and M Projects)
Farmhouse Bar Cart from A and M Projects, Etsy

How about having a snack bar on wheels.

Though some guests would love to see it filled with liquor bottles, I’m suggesting using it for snacks :).

It’s actually roomy enough for snacks and a coffee bar. And you could even put some games or books on one of the shelves. They are pretty thick, so sagging should not be a problem. How awesome is that!

Since the cart has wheels, you can quickly move it from room to room wherever it is needed.

This really is a multifunctional snack bar idea for a guest room.

You’ll have more than a dozen color options, which one will you choose: farmhouse bar cart.

d. Farmhouse Produce Stand

Farmhouse snack stand from lexington and grace, etsy
Farmhouse Snack Stand from Lexington and Grace, Etsy

Your guests will love to select their snacks from this rustic farmhouse snack stand.

With its generous size boxes, you have room for various snacks, from fresh fruit to bags of chips. Place it in the guest room or the kitchen to give the room an instant farmhouse feel.

You have several color options to choose from!

Get a farmhouse snack stand and serve snacks the farmer’s market style.

e. Tiered Tray

Two tier distressed tray displaying coffee mugs, flowers, greenery from Belle Rustique Design
Two-Tier Tray from Belle Rustique Design, Etsy

Whether you’ll place this tiered tray in the guest room or kitchen, it will enhance the atmosphere with its soft, rustic look.

The two trays provide ample space for snacks.

You could also use the tiered tray for decorations or as a storage space for the guests’ small personal belongings.

Want some inspiration? Check out the different ways to style this rustic two-tier tray.

f. Organizer Tote

Organizer Tote by everything mary
Organizer Tote from Everything Mary, Etsy

As I was pondering on the snack bar ideas for the guest room, I came up with the idea of using an organizer tote as a snack basket.

That sounds pretty cool.

With all those little pockets filled with treats, snack time is like a little treasure hunt.

This is a cute, playful snack bar idea for the guest room.

Take a look at the handmade deluxe tote and imagine how much fun the guests will have looking for the treats.

Snack Ideas for Guests

Now you have various ideas for displaying the snacks, and it’s time to look at some snack ideas.

Disclaimer: find out if your guests have food allergies or sensitivities.

Snack ideas for guestroom: water bottles, fruit bars, protein shake, granola bars, chocolate, fruit snacks, ginger candy,  peppermint, chips, popcorn, apple sauce...

I like to introduce the guests to some local delicacies. And since I’m in West Michigan, these are some of the things I could put in the snack bar:

  • blueberry jam
  • Dutch caramel wafers
  • chocolate covered blueberries
  • Fruitbelt Sparkling Tonic

List of snack ideas for guests:

What Else Should Be In the Snack Bar

It definitely makes it more convenient for the guests if you add some of the following:

  • cups
  • utensils
  • plates
  • napkins
  • hand sanitizer

Snack Bar Ideas for the Guest Room Summary

Have fun choosing a snack bar from various creative ideas such as the ones mentioned in this article:

  • picnic basket
  • bamboo serving stand
  • snack cart
  • produce stand
  • tiered tray
  • tote

I hope these snack bar ideas for the guest room inspired you to create a snack bar that is functional and decorative.

Once you have chosen your snack bar, it is time to fill it with nutritious snacks and treats that may or may not be so healthy but taste good.

And don’t forget the plates, utensils, etc.

How to Make the Guests’ Stay Special

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