Fall Welcome Basket for Overnight Guests

Greet the overnight guests with a fall welcome basket that makes them feel warm and cozy.

I’m sure everyone, no matter their love language, will feel loved and welcomed when they see a beautifully crafted autumn welcome basket waiting for them in the guest room.

Fill it with essentials or unique fall-themed gifts for the guests.

I’m excited to show you some fun ideas!

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Fall Welcome Basket Ideas: white basket filled with goodies: dark chocolate sea salt caramel, plaid shawl, tea bags, thermos bottle.

1. The Goal and the Theme

Well, it is a fall welcome basket, so the theme is fall.

But what is the theme within the theme? And what is the purpose of the basket?

Let’s start with the goal.

  1. Is the purpose of the basket to hold the essentials such as snacks, cords, and personal care items?
  2. Or is it for pampering the guest with gifts?
  3. Or a mix of both?

Not sure?

Take a look at how to create a welcome basket for guests, and come back to plan your fall-themed welcome basket.

Now we can move on to the theme.

The theme can simply be anything autumn. Or you could focus on one of the beautiful things of fall, such as

  • pumpkins
  • leaves
  • apples
  • outdoors
  • cozy indoors

2. Pretty Basket

Three white baskets.

Once you know the basket’s purpose and theme, it is easier to choose the right size and style.

I have a set of white baskets I like to use as welcome baskets for the houseguests.

I like that they are sturdy, go with any season, and are easy to clean.

Other awesome basket options:

  • This basket with a lace-trimmed liner is a little bit romantic. It goes well with the farmhouse-style decor.
  • Speaking of farmhouse style… these rustic, stackable baskets look amazing! With this set, you can create a welcome basket, a charging station, and a place for the guests to store their smaller items during the visit.

3. What To Put In a Fall Welcome Basket

Fall Welcome Basket for House Guests. (RelaxedHostess.com) A plaid shawl, caramel filled dark chocolate, French Vanilla tea bags, copper thermos bottle.

The basket above has items the guests can enjoy during the visit and take home.

  • a plaid shawl
  • French Vanilla tea
  • thermos bottle
  • dark chocolate sea salt caramels

I love these plaid shawls. They are soft and not too heavy. The price is great too. And with over seventy options, you’ll surely find something for every taste. The one in the basket is #24.

Teeccino has great tea! Some of my favorites are maca chocolate, dandelion caramel nut, and French vanilla. Delicious! I drink hot tea throughout the year, but these work as iced tea as well.

But we are talking about cozy fall right now, and iced tea does not fit the picture in the autumn. Maybe something for a summer welcome basket.

There is still some room in the basket for more items… so what else could go in it?

Let’s look at some things to put in a fall welcome basket.

a. Sweet and Salty Treats

As always, find out if your guest has any food sensitivities or allergies before creating a fall welcome basket.

Autumn sugar cookies: apples, leaf, hedgehog, pumpkin from EnjoyByJenn
Autumn Sugar Cookies from Enjoy By Jenn, Etsy

These autumn cookies are almost too gorgeous to eat!

My favorite is the one that says “fall.” Which one would you eat first?

The cookies come individually wrapped and stay fresh for a long time. You can freeze the cookies as well.

They make a delicious welcome treat for the overnight guests to enjoy with a cup of tea.

b. Beverages and Mugs

  • pumpkin spice latte
  • Bengal Spice tea by Celestial Seasonings
  • Apple Cinnamon spice tea by Celestial Seasonings
  • Cranberry Harvest tea by Bigelow
  • pecan pie coffee
  • hot chocolate
  • cinnamon bun coffee
  • water
  • apple cider
  • wine for your guests ages 21+ (in the USA.) (I’ve been told that Chardonnay that has undergone oak aging is excellent for fall.)

Add a mug or a thermos bottle for your guest to enjoy these delightful beverages. If the cup or bottle is for the guest to keep, you could write a note on it.

A copper-colored thermos bottle goes well with the fall theme. Your guest can bring it along to the pumpkin patch or the walks downtown.

This lovely sweater weather mug fits the season perfectly and is great for the cozy, relaxing moments your guest enjoys at your house.

c. Cozy Things

  • shawl
  • scarf
  • sweater
  • socks (wool socks, slouch socks, funny socks…)
  • throw blanket

Soft alpaca wool socks keep the feet warm during the cool fall months, whether the guest is hiking or reading a book.

And when it is time to go to the pumpkin patch, put on Farm Fresh Autumn Harvest sweaters.

The color is just right for the fall. You can practically feel the warmth and softness just looking at it. Imagine what it would be like to wear one.

You can get the fun design in a couple of different shirt styles.

d. Fall Fun

Spend a moment together making autumn decorations.

The DIY Tiered Tray Fall Home Decor Kit comes with a video tutorial, so you can easily paint the wood cutouts with your favorite autumn colors.

Your guest will go home with lots of memories and lovely fall decor she can use to decorate her tiered tray.

More fall fun stuff to put in the basket:

If the guests have younger kids, these fall scavenger hunts and riddles will come in handy.

e. Embellishments

All the autumn items themselves are already super pretty, but if you feel that a little more is needed, try these ideas.

Add in the basket some

  • leaves
  • pumpkins
  • fall sign
  • sunflowers
  • berry twigs

Hang up a cute “fall” banner on the side of the basket or a note.

Welcome To Our Patch Tag. We hope you'll find it relaxing and refreshing.

And don’t forget the include a handwritten note. Those warm everyone’s heart.

Fall Welcome Basket for Overnight Guests Summary

Autumn themed welcome basket. White basket, dark chocolate sea salt caramel, french vanilla tea bags, plaid shawl, thermos bottle.

Once you decide whether the basket is for providing the essentials, autumn gifts, or both, choose your basket and fill it with

  • sweet and salty treats
  • beverages and mugs
  • cozy things like fuzzy socks and a shawl
  • fall fun stuff such as bath bombs, coloring books, and craft kits
  • handwritten note

Finish with the final autumn touch by decorating the basket with leaves, berry twigs, and banners.

Place the welcome basket in the guest room or the temporary guest room. See the ideas on how to create one in any space.

Tips for Hosting Guests in the Fall

Do you know how to create a welcoming guestroom?

Or what to put in the guest bathroom? Take a look at the tips!

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