Easy Flannel Tablescape for Fall Parties

With fall comes the flannel! The softness and warmth of flannel make you feel all cozy.

This easy flannel tablescape is great for fall parties or turning the autumn dinner time into a flannel fest.

Wear your flannel shirts and celebrate the fall. Extra points for wearing shirts that match the flannel tablescape. Haha. That might be a little too much.

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Easy Flannel Tablescape. DIY plaid flannel table runner and placemats.

1. What Can You Do With Two and a Half Yard of Flannel?

When I bought the flannel piece, I thought I’d make a table runner and eight placemats.

But it turns out I was able to make a little more than that.

The fabric sales lady also measured generously, so I ended up having an extra five inches.

So, I had a total of 91 inches of fabric.

It’s time to work on the flannel tablescape!

2. Easy Flannel Placemat DIY

Easy circle flannel placemat.

I plan to use the flannel placemats on top of the woven ones. These woven placemats are fifteen inches.

For cutting out the circles, I used a bowl that is 13.5 inches in diameter as my guide. If I had a 14 inch one, I’d have used that, but I don’t… and I didn’t take the time to draw a pattern.

My table only seats eight, but I was able to cut 12 placemats. This way, I have a couple of extras if needed. You can also use the placemats as liners for small baskets or serving platters.

If I didn’t use them on the woven placemats, I would’ve made them a little bigger and sown two of them together to create thicker placemats.

3. Plaid Flannel Table Runner DIY

Flannel table setting: flannel table runner and placemats, white plates, wine glasses, leaf napkin ring diy, pumpkins on white stands, cylinder vase filled with fall twigs.

Next, I cut out the table runner.

Since I had the extra five inches of fabric, I decided to make a runner that hangs over the table edges.

The piece I cut out was 14 x 91 inches.

I folded the long sides under, so the final width of the table runner is 13 inches.

I’ll show you a couple of close-ups:

Flannel placemat DIY. Simple zigzag around the edge.

Simple zigzag stitching goes around the placemat edges.

Flannel table runner DIY. Zigzag along the long edge. Fold and zigzag the short ends.

I fringed the short ends a tiny bit and folded the long side under about half an inch before doing the zigzag.

4. Table Scatter and a Mini Table Runner

I had quite a bit of flannel left… so, what to do.

How about some table scatter?

Flannel table scatter: leaves, dots and swirls.

Flannel table scatter for fall cuteness.

Flannel table runner and two candles.

A mini table runner for the food table.

A leaf from a garland as a guide, I cut out some flannel leaves. I also clipped a few dots and swirls.

In the picture above, the swirls are stretched out.

Table scatter gives another fun way to decorate the dining table or the food table.

The mini table runner is great for the side, food, or dining table.

In this one, I fringed the long sides. It was 30 inches long, but I folded under the short ends. The finished size is 6.5 x 29.5″.

5. Flannel Leaf Coaster DIY

The flannel leaves work as fall coasters!

Flannel Leaf Coaster, wine glass, and candle.

6. The Easiest Flannel Napkin Ring

Flannel napkin ring: Flannel strip tied around a napkin. Flannel table runner, leaf garland. White plate and a wine glass

This flannel tablescape DIY was a waste-not-want-not project.

So, don’t waste the fabric edges. I just had to look up the word again: selvage. Yes, that’s it, the tightly woven edge of a fabric.

I simply cut that into 14-inch strips, and Voila! The rustic-looking flannel napkin rings were done.

To make these extra pretty, you could add an acorn or berry pick.

7. Leaf Napkin Ring

Leaf napkin ring: a leaf tied around a napkin with twine. Flannel table runner and placemats. White plates, wine glasses, cylinder vase with twigs, pumpkins on the runner.

Flannel tablescape does not need to be all about flannel.

So, if flannel napkin rings are too much flannel for you, fashion some leaf napkin rings.

I made these with a couple of leaves and twine. Very simple.

8. More Flannel Ideas

I’m not done talking about flannel.

There was still some more of it left, so I cut a few 10 x 2″ strips for alternative napkin rings. I have not used those yet, so that idea is yet to be tested. I’m not sure how I will form the ring with them.

Fall flower centerpiece: flannel strip around a cylinder vase. Sunflowers in a cylinder vase.

I cut a 12 x 2 strip that I can wrap around a cylinder vase… unless I feel like there is too much flannel on the table.

If you put some flowers with the flannel wrap on the food table, it ties everything nicely together.

9. Garnish the Table Runner with Fall Decorations

Fall Dining Table Centerpiece: flannel table runner, leaf garland, pumpkins

You can customize this autumn flannel tablescape in many ways.

Just add various fall decorations on the table to give it a different look at fall parties.

Or keep it somewhat plain like I showed in the second picture of this article. In that one, there is room for placing a breadbasket, salad bowl, or beverages on the table.

The picture above has the flannel table runner and placemats. I used both the flannel strips and the leaves with twine as napkin rings.

The leaf garland and pumpkins add a cozy fall feeling to the tablescape.

Nothing is more annoying at a dinner table than having to peek around the massive centerpiece to see the people across the table.

So, the cylinder vase with autumn twigs is great as a table decor. It’s not too tall or thick so that everyone can see each other.

Well, I guess there are more annoying things, but I’m not going to list those.

Easy Fall Flannel Tablescape Summary

Easy Fall Flannel Tablescape

With a few yards of flannel, you can create all sorts of things for a cozy flannel tablescape.

  • placemats
  • table runner
  • table scatter
  • coasters
  • mini table runner
  • napkin rings
  • vase wrap

Finalize the look with various fall decorations such as leaf garland, pumpkins, lanterns, candles, acorns, and twigs.

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