9 Simple Navy Blue Guest Room Decor Ideas

Blue is one of my favorite colors, so I thought, why not put together a fun collection of blue guest room decor ideas.

It’s easier to update the look of the guest bedroom with decor items when the general theme for the room is neutral.

Blue reminds me of summer and winter—life at the lake in the summer and the gorgeous starry winter skies.

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Blue guest room decor ideas. A serene, creative, peaceful space.

Is blue a good color for the guest room?

Blue is associated with creativity, serenity, and friendliness. Would you like your guest room to feel like a serene place for creativity? Then yes, blue is a good color for the guest room.

I have collected here navy blue guest room decor ideas with some gold and white thrown in.

1. Perpetual Calendar

This pretty perpetual wall calendar displays dates, weekdays, and even moon phases. Just spin the wheel. Easy.

2. Wall Art

White, gold, and navy blue look awesome together. This 40×20″ canvas wall art displays them beautifully and will be fantastic in your guest room.

3. Pajama Gnome

This is not a pocket-size gnome unless you have huge pockets. The gnome stands eleven inches tall and has a weighted bottom so that it won’t tip over easily.

I know this gnome is not navy blue, but he is so cute that I couldn’t resist including him.

4. Blue Ottoman

So not exactly a decor item that you would bring out only during certain seasons or times.

But when I saw this blue ottoman, I thought it would be perfect for a guest room since it provides extra seating and storage.

You could use the ottoman to store extra blankets, toys for overnight guests with kids, or maybe even some books. Need some ideas for books for the guest room?

5. Navy Blue Accent Pillow Cover

Sleep. Yes, we all need to get some ZZZs.

This fun navy blue throw pillow cover is 20” x 12”. It’s simple, but it deserves a spot in this list of blue guest room decor ideas.

6. Navy Blue Curtains with Gold Print

One of the guest room essentials is a pair of blackout curtains. I love this set of navy blue curtains. The gold flowy pattern is perfect for any time of year, but I’d really love it in the winter.

The set comes with two panels and two tiebacks.

6. Jewelry Tray

A decorative jewelry dish provides the guests a place to set their keys, rings, necklaces, and other small items.

7. Blue Clock

The stylish navy blue wall clock tells you the time quietly. No ticking or tocking. The large 3D white numbers are easy to read.

8. Throw Blanket

The faded navy blue throw blanket looks gorgeous on the bed or tossed over a chair. The decorative pattern adds some nice texture to the room.

9. Touch Lamp

This simple lamp is perfect for a modern guest room. It is dimmable and can be controlled with a touch.

It has two USB ports and an AC outlet for your guest’s convenience.

10. Succulents in Navy Blue Pots

Lifelike succulents in smooth ceramic planters bring warmth to the guest bedroom. They are about eight inches tall. Place the succulents on a couple of books on nightstands, or decorate the shelves with them.

Blue Accents for Guest Bedroom

It is so easy to change the look of a room with accent colors. Just a couple of these blue guest room decor ideas will create a lovely, inspirational, and peaceful space for your overnight guests to relax in.

And when you are ready to transform the same room into a blissful retreat take a look at these pink guest room decor ideas.

Make the Guest Room Functional and Fun

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