DIY ABC Blocks Mini Diaper Cakes

Decorate the baby shower with DIY ABC blocks mini diaper cakes. They are cute, inexpensive, and easy to make.

You can customize them for any baby shower theme, and these ABC blocks would look fun in a nursery too!

Spell the baby’s name, ABC, or the word baby. Your options are endless!

Besides a simple DIY mini diaper cake tutorial, I have FREE baby block letter printables for you.

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DIY ABC blocks mini diaper cake

1. ABC Blocks Mini Diaper Cakes

First, I’ll show you a couple of ABC mini diaper cakes I made. Then I’ll give you the instructions.

1. Floral DIY ABC Blocks Mini Diaper Cake

ABC block mini diaper cake. Burlap, pink ribbon. Pink flowers on top.

A floral diaper cake is great for a spring or summer baby shower.

2. Fall Diaper Cake DIY

Autumn mini diaper cake. Burlap and ribbon, letter A, white pumpkin and fall leaves on top.

Pumpkins, leaves, and fall-colored ribbon transform the same basic diaper cake into an autumn diaper cake.

3. Toy on Top of the Block Diaper Cake

Pampas grass DIY mini diaper cake. Burlap, pink ribbon, ABC latter squares with pampas grass. A seal toy on top.

Place toys on top of the diaper cake blocks to create a playful look.

4. No Extras Needed

ABC block mini diaper cake diy

The mini diaper cake blocks look great also without any extra embellishments.

2. How to Make ABC Mini Diaper Cakes

1. What You’ll Need for Each Block

  • 5 diapers (I used Huggies® size 2)
  • 2 rubber bands
  • ribbon
  • A, B, C squares or squares without letters. Free printable at the end of this post.
  • cardstock (a weight your printer can handle, I used heavyweight)
  • glue dots or tacky glue
  • chiffon or organza (optional)
  • burlap, flannel, or any fabric (optional)
  • embellishments (optional)

2. Basic Block Instructions

How to make an ABC block diaper cake step 1: fold the diapers, stack them, and secure with a rubber band.
  1. Fold the diapers.
  2. Stack them. Every other in the opposite direction.
  3. Secure with two rubber bands.

Now the fun begins!

Option 1: Chiffon Wrap

Block diaper cake wrapped with chiffon
  1. Cut the chiffon into a 16″ or larger circle
  2. Wrap it around the block.
  3. Secure with a tiny rubber band (I used a clear mini hair band.) Smooth the extra fabric. This is the bottom of the block. If you want it to be the top, you might want to use a bigger circle to form a fun puffy thing.

Option 2: Burlap or Flannel

DIY mini diaper cake block with a burlap wrap
  1. Cut the burlap, flannel, or any fabric you use into a 4 x 15″ rectangle. (See the latest price for 4″ wide burlap ribbon on Amazon.)
  2. Wrap the fabric around the blocks.
  3. Secure with glue dots.

Option 3: Use the Blocks as Is

You already build the basic blocks. They are ready to be decorated.

3. Embellish The Blocks

Option 1: Weave the Ribbon

ABC letter squares. A ribbon weaved through the squares.
  1. Print and cut the letter squares.
  2. Punch holes in the letter squares.
  3. Weave the ribbon through the squares. *see the note below
  4. Wrap the squares attached to the ribbon around the block. Secure with glue dots.
  5. If using two ribbons. Wrap the wider one around the block before wrapping the one with the letter squares.
  6. Add theme-fitting items such as toys, flowers, leaves, etc.

*notes: I used jute/nylon ribbon. After wrapping the letter squares and ribbon around the block, I pushed the extra ribbon hanging from the letter A square into the hole in the floral square. No glue was needed to attach it.

Option 2: Glue the Letter Squares

ABC squares glued to the ribbon on a block mini diaper cake.
  1. Print and cut the letter squares.
  2. Wrap the ribbon around the block. Secure with glue dots.
  3. You could use more than one kind of ribbon for a fun look.
  4. Attach the letter squares to the ribbon with the glue dots.
  5. Add theme-fitting items such as toys, flowers, leaves, etc.

Option 3: Use A, B, C stickers or Cutouts

Stickers and cutouts enhance the look by adding dimension.

Baby blocks diaper cake. Add dimension with alphabet cutouts
  1. Print and cut the squares without letters.
  2. Attach the letter stickers or cutouts to the squares.
  3. Use the weave or the glue method to attach the ribbon.
  4. Add theme-fitting items such as toys, flowers, leaves, etc.

Letter Cutouts

Free Letter Squares

Free ABC letter block printable for DIY mini diaper cakes. Brown letters, pink flowers on a creamy background.

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