Free Christmas Hangman Template

Step into the festive spirit with our free Christmas Hangman template. Challenge your friends, kids, or coworkers to discover the secret Christmas-related word or phrase.

In this Christmas version, each incorrect guess adds a colorful ornament to your tree. That’s right, if you lose, you have a fully decorated tree. So, you’ll win either way in this delightful version of Christmas Hangman.

Free delightful Christmas hangman template.

This game is suitable for any age and is fun for a classroom Christmas party or office Holiday party.

Or roll it up and put it in an advent calendar.

What You’ll Get

Christmas Word Guess free printable game. Guess the secret word one letter at a time.

I have for you a fun printable Christmas version of the hangman game and a list of Christmas words and phrases to get you started.

How to Play

  1. Pick a host.
  2. The host chooses a secret Christmas-related word or phrase and draws a blank line for each letter in the box above.
  3. The other player(s) try to figure out the secret word by guessing letters.
  4. Each correct letter is written on every line to which it belongs.
  5. For each incorrect answer, the host gets to color an ornament on the tree.
  6. Guess the word before the tree is decorated to win.

You can play this fun Christmas game one-on-one or with a group, which makes it a perfect game even for a large party.

You could split the group into teams and take turns guessing. If a team guesses correctly, they get to go again.

Christmas Hangman Word List

Christmas Hangman Word List free printable list of Christmas words and phrases

Need some ideas for the secret Christmas Hangman word or phrase?

  • gingerbread house
  • advent calendar
  • advent calendar fillers
  • stocking stuffer
  • artificial tree
  • goodwill
  • Kris Kringle
  • frankincense
  • Jack Frost
  • pinecone
  • tidings
  • fruitcake
  • Christmas card
  • Christmas tree stand
  • holiday
  • jolly
  • merry
  • mistletoe
  • North Pole
  • home is where Christmas is
  • comfort and joy
  • believe in the magic of Christmas
  • walking in a winter wonderland
  • joy to the world
  • sweater weather is better together
  • there’s snow place like home
  • I wish it could be Christmas everyday
  • keep calm and jingle all the way
  • all I want for Christmas is you

Prize Idea

Prizes aren’t necessary, but if you want to reward the winners with little presents, how about

  • ornaments
  • tree-shaped cookies

Christmas Tree Hangman Printable

Download the FREE Christmas Hangman printable: Christmas Word Guess. It’s a joyful alternative to the hangman game.

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