Orange Color-Themed Gift Basket (& orange gift ideas)

An orange color-themed gift basket is bright and beautiful!

Fill a pretty basket with fun orange gifts, and your gift receiver will be delighted.

I put together a simple, lovely gift basket for a friend and added a smidge of green. It turned out great! I’ll first show some pictures to inspire you, and then present you with a list of orange gift ideas.

Table Of Contents

  1. Orange Color-Themed Gift Basket (with a touch of green)
  2. Orange Gift Ideas List

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Orange color-themed gift basket. A basket filled with orange themed gifts.

What does orange symbolize?

  • happiness
  • creativity
  • excitement
  • encouragement
  • fun
  • freedom
  • determination
  • sunshine

1. Orange With a Touch of Green Gift Basket

Orange color themed gift basket with a touch of green. Orange colored drinking glasses, quinoa chips, Fruitbelt apple tonic.

I think orange and green look refreshing together.

The orange evokes happiness and encouragement, and the green symbolizes optimism, growth, and renewal. Perfect combo!

1. The Basket, Lining, and Goodies

Quinoa Chips in a  orange color themed gift basket.

When I started putting this basket together, I wanted it to be a pretty thing filled with snacks and beverages for two.

I found a lovely basket at Home Goods and lined it with a linen napkin.

Here is a similar wicker basket and linen napkins.

Save the extra napkins for another gift basket. You could also use one to wrap a wine bottle and present it as a summer hostess gift. (You’ll love the simple ideas in that post!)

Orange gift ideas: chocolate covered almonds, orange wine glass.

I looked for orange gift ideas at Home Goods and found some great things to include in this basket:

Palm leaf coasters on a linen napkin.

When I saw these palm leaf coasters, I thought they’d be perfect for this gift basket. Fruitbelt sparkling tonics are delicious.

So, for a touch of green, add

Fruitbelt sparkling tonic, tart apple flavor.

Here it is, the orange gift basket with a hint of green ready to be delivered!

Orange and green gift basket idea: orange - joy, freedom, encouragement. Green- optimism, health

What else can you put in an orange color-themed gift basket? Here is a list of ideas for you!

Orange Gift Ideas List

I came up with fun themed basket ideas to inspire you.

1. For the Traveler

Use a toiletry bag as the basket and fill it with items such as

Toss in also some delicious snacks in orange wrappers

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Tic Tacs
  • Quinoa Chips by Daily Crave
  • Dried Apricots (Orange seems to be a popular package color for these.)
  • Creme Savers: Orange and Cream Flavor
  • Chocolate Covered Almonds by Lakanto

Maybe you’ll even include a magazine or a book that has a cover with some orange in it.

2. For the Gardener

3. For Afternoon Tea Time

4. For the Pumpkin Lover

5. For the Exercise Time

6. For the Day in the Office

7. For the Beauty Time

8. For the Cook

9. For the Day at the Beach

There are a ton of orange color items from clothing and beauty products to food, games, home decor, and dishes. Sometimes it’s fun to throw random items together but I tend to like to create baskets around specific themes.

I guess in this case, it is a theme within the orange theme.

Be Prepared with Fantastic Gift Ideas

It is fun to be a gift-giver!


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