Fabulous Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

What to gift a person who loves tea?

These gift ideas for tea lovers answer that question! I am a tea lover and would be thrilled to get any of these items.

Pamper your tea-loving friend with tasty tea or make them laugh with funny tea-themed gifts. Lots of inspiring ideas are waiting to be explored.

Take a look!

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Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers: a musical teapot on top of books

1. Teapot

Serve tea with style!

This ceramic teapot has a beautiful floral design. It can hold up to 30 ounces which is great when you have more than one guest. Or when you just want to enjoy a few cups of your favorite tea.

I used to have a cute teapot but when I moved to the States I didn’t bring it with me. For some reason I never bought a new one. It’s time to do that since I love tea.

A pretty teapot will inspire anyone to host lovely garden tea parties!

2. Tea Brewer

Now, this is what I do have! And it is so handy: an electric tea kettle with a removable infuser.

You can control the temperature settings for white, oolong, black, and green teas. It has a keep warm feature too!

3. Tea Lover’s Notebook

Eat, Sleep, Tea notebook from Fairie Content.
Tea Lovers Notebook from Fairie Content, Etsy

Eat, sleep, tea. What a wonderful routine!

This 118 page spiral bound tea-themed notebook makes a fun gift idea for tea lovers who also love to write! The image of a steaming tea cup on the durable cover is beautiful.

Give it as a gift to a friend or place it in your guest room. The lined pages are waiting to be written on!

Fairie Content will give you a discount with this code: HOSTESS30. Yes! You’ll get 30% off, how awesome is that! (I’m not in charge of this code, so I don’t know how long it will be good… but check it out!)

4. Stainless Steel Infuser

These loose-leaf tea stainless steel infusers are great. They seal tightly, so the tea leaves don’t leak out during brewing. You can fit a good amount of tea leaves in these and make a couple of cups simultaneously.

The infusers come with tiny saucers to prevent mess when taking the infusers out of the tea cups. No more wondering where to put the infuser or a tea bag.

5. Tea!

I think this is the more obvious gift. My personal favorite tea is Maca Chocolate. It’s so creamy, especially when you drink it with cream, LOL, and it is delicious!

Because of the intense chocolate flavor, my daughter and I sometimes pretend it’s coffee (neither of us is a coffee drinker).

Another fabulous idea is Pukka Herbal Tea Sampler. You get a variety of delicious herbal teas with this fun set. 9 different teas and 45 tea bags. They have intriguing flavors such as love and feel new. I need to try those!

6. Tea Cups

Adorable little tea cup set for the tea lover in your life. The set comes with six 7oz white tea cups and saucers with a fun gold trim. These remind me of the cups my mom uses on special occasions.

7. Book about Tea

The Tea Book introduces you to various blends and ceremonies from around the world. It’s a great book for tea lovers.

8. Storage Container for Tea Bags

Tea storage. Gift ideas for tea lovers.

A cute little storage container for all the tea bags that need a home. 3 drawers with 9 compartments in each.

I have this exact storage, and it’s been great. I keep it in the pantry but move it to the counter when I create a tea bar for the guests to enjoy.

9. Pure Zen Tea Thermos

A great gift idea for tea lovers would be a thermos with an infuser! It’s a 15oz insulated bottle, and it comes in a few different colors, so you can choose the best one for your friend. 

10. Tea Cozy

A tea cozy keeps the teapot warm… and cozy. This would make a unique gift idea for the tea lover in your life. You can choose from various patterns, such as floral, butterflies, or dragonflies. You can also request a custom print.

11. Wooden Tea Coasters

Tea-themed coasters: tea makes everything better etc. From the Neighbors Stuff
Tea-Themed Coasters from The Neighbors Stuff, Etsy

“Tea makes everything better.”

Maybe it does! This set of 4 tea-themed wooden coasters with inspirational quotes make the tea time special. They are hand-painted and have dark green vinyl lettering. The coasters are sealed to keep them looking good.

12. EuroGraphics Tea Cup Puzzle

Looking for unique gift ideas for tea lovers? How about a puzzle!

Surprise your friend with a tea-themed 1000-piece puzzle! Enjoy some tea and work on the puzzle. What a fun way to spend time together!

13. “Drink Tea” Mug

Drink Tea, Read Books, Be Happy mug from Petros Print
Drink Tea Mug from PetrosPrint, Etsy

Drink tea, read books, be happy. Great mug for bookworms and tea drinkers! Choose from two sizes and three handle colors.

By the way, the image is on both sides of the mug!

I know someone who would absolutely love this!

14. Tea Cup and Saucer Charm

Tea Cup and Saucer Charm from ClassyGlassCharms
Tea Cup and Saucer Charm from ClassyGlassCharms, Etsy

Adorable!! This is going on my wish list!

This cute hand-stamped tea cup and saucer charm looks fabulous on a purse, backpack, cosmetic bag, or planner. The lobster clasp attaches to anything with a zipper!

15. Honey Jar

Add sweetness to the tea!

This fun honey jar comes with two extra honey dippers. It’s airtight and leak-proof! How awesome is that!

It holds 13 oz of honey, so it’s great for serving and storing honey.

16. Tea Spoon

The tea lover will think of you when using this spoon: Stir your tea & think of me.

Stainless steel tea spoon with a fun quote.

17. Tea Shirt

Yep, you read it right “This is a tea shirt.”

These funny t-shirts come in five colors and styles for men and women.

There is another fun tea-themed t-shirt. This one features a tea cup on top of a stack of books.

18. Musical Tea Cup

You can’t use this one for drinking tea. But it is a beautiful decoration: a floral tea cup filled with flowers, all ceramic.

The musical tea cup plays Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” when wound.

19. Musical Tea Pot

Musical Tea Pot on top of books. Gift ideas for tea lovers.

A long time ago, my husband gave me a musical tea pot. It is lovely. I looked for it online, but it’s no longer available. But I found similar ones. Check out these musical tea pots.

Create a beautiful centerpiece for the coffee or dining room table with the tea pot, books, and flowers.

The devotional book, Pressing Pause, is a perfect read for a relaxing tea time.

20. Tea Cup Cookies

What pairs well with tea? Cookies! Any cookie is great, but a tea lover would be especially thrilled to receive these tea party sugar cookies. These cookies are beautiful and come individually wrapped!

Be Inspired By These Gift Ideas

I trust one or several of these gift ideas for tea lovers piqued your interest. Create a whole basket around the tea theme or gift one thing. Either way, your tea-loving friend will be thrilled.

Since you are a gift-giver, take a look at these ideas for future celebrations!

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