Christmas Hostess Gift Ideas

Christmas gatherings are so much fun, but also a lot of work for the host. Show your appreciation with little gifts or mini gift baskets. These Christmas hostess gift ideas are here to inspire you.

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cheerful Christmas hostess gift ideas. An image of a golden sleigh filled with gifts

1. Christmas Apron

We whisk you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! The delightful message brings Christmas cheer to everyone.

This festive Christmas apron has two side pockets and is the perfect gift choice for the holidays. Check out the cheerful design on Amazon.

Gift Basket Idea

  • Fold the apron making sure one of the pockets is on top.
  • Insert a few mini utensils in the pocket such as a whisk and spatula.

2. Christmas Coasters

Christmas Coasters blending chic with nostalgia.
Christmas Coasters from Bella’s Beautiful Home, Etsy

These stylish ceramic Christmas coasters creatively meld modern design with a traditional feel.

The set has four coasters with different designs; my favorite is the “meet me under the mistletoe” coaster. The coasters are packaged in a box, ready for gifting to make it easy for you this Holiday season.

Take a look at the beautiful Christmas coasters.

Gift Basket Ideas

  • Use a coaster as a base for Christmas treats such as wrapped chocolate.
  • Place the whole thing in a treat bag or wrap with cellophane.
  • coaster
  • mug
  • cozy blanket

3. Christmas Mug

Snowman and Wife Mug
Snowman and Wife Mug from GoldenFX, Etsy

A festive, romantic ceramic mug featuring a snow couple strolling under twinkling lights.

Your Holiday hostess will enjoy this 15oz Christmas mug for years. It’s perfect for her favorite drink throughout the Holidays and the whole winter!

Gift Basket Idea

  • Fill the mug with Christmas treats.
  • mug
  • tea or hot chocolate
  • mug
  • fuzzy socks

4. Wooden Himmeli

Himmeli, Nordic Christmas decoration
Himmeli from Valona Design, Etsy

These delicate straw chandeliers, himmeli mobiles, are traditional Finnish Christmas decorations. You’ll see them in homes above the dinner table, window, or in a Christmas tree.

Give your friend a special Nordic gift as a thank you for being a fantastic hostess.

Take a look at the pretty himmeli and find out what the name means.

Gift Basket Idea

  • himmeli
  • delicious Finnish chocolate (This is the best chocolate ever!)

5. Christmas Bookmark Set

Christmas Bookmarks. Snow better time to read. All I want for Christmas is books.
Winter Bookmarks from Alliterates, Etsy

“All I want for Christmas is books.” Does that describe your Christmas hostess? That definitely describes my oldest daughter.

Any book-loving friend would be thrilled to receive this set of four festive bookmarks. The bookmarks are printed on heavy cardstock and laminated with a matte finish to make them durable.

Gift Basket Ideas

  • bookmark
  • Christmas novel
  • chocolate
  • bookmark
  • cozy blanket
  • tea

If your hostess identifies as a bookworm, she’ll love these gift ideas for booklovers.

6. Christmas Eve Soy Candle

Any fan of orange, cinnamon, and pine scent combo would love this Holiday candle! Perfect for making your house smell like Christmas!

Christmas Basket Idea

  • candle
  • tumbler (It’s Christmas y’all)

7. Christmas Socks

Non-skid bottoms keep you from slipping and sliding. These cozy Christmas socks would make a fun gift idea for the hostess!

Check out the latest price of the comfy fleece-lined socks on Amazon.

Christmas Basket Idea

  • socks
  • journal
  • pen

8. Christmas Tree Farm Puzzle

A festive Christmas puzzle is just what you need to make time fly. Christmas will come a whole lot faster if you work on a 1000-piece puzzle.

Take a look at the cheerful design!

Gift Basket Idea

  • puzzle
  • mug
  • Christmas treats

9. Christmas in Paris Tea

Encourage the hostess to relax after the party with a cup of herbal tea from STASH. The velvety chocolate flavor mixed with lavender and mint is soothing for the hectic holiday season.

The box looks quite merry, so there is no need to wrap it. You could attach a little ribbon in the corner to make it even more delightful.

Create a gift basket:

10. Hand-Painted Wooden Ornament

Wooden Ornaments
Wooden Ornaments from Some Art by Luliia, Etsy

Give your hostess a cute hand-painted ornament! There are many fun designs to choose from. My favorite is the snowman holding a bird.

Gift Basket Idea

  • wine or sparkling juice
  • ornament attached to the bottle

11. Cookie Cutters Set

Make baking cookies fun with these Christmas cookie cutters! This set has a snowflake, a gingerbread man, a snowman, a sweater, and a Christmas tree.

Gift Basket Idea

  • cookie cutters
  • sprinkles
  • spatula

I hope these Christmas hostess gift ideas inspired you! Create a mini gift basket or bring the gift by itself. Either way, the hostess will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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