11 Simple Valentine’s Place Setting Ideas

Need last-minute, simple Valentine’s place setting ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

These ideas are meant to inspire you to dig through your items at home and see what you can make with those.

You can easily throw these Valentine’s place settings together in a couple of minutes.

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11 simple Valentine's place setting ideas.

1. Pink and Purple Valentine’s Place Setting

Pink and purple Valentine's place setting: White table and a bowl on a white placemat. Pink and purple ribbons on the placemat. Pink an purple kisses in a heart shaped box on the plate.

This table setting is perfect for Valentine’s family dinner.

Pink and Purple Ideas

  1. Cut some pink and purple ribbons.
  2.  Lay them across a placemat. (I used a folded white cloth napkin)
  3.  Scatter Valentine’s chocolates on the table.
  4.  And place some on the plate too. For a fancier effect, put them in little heart-shaped jars; dollar stores often sell those.
Valentine's place setting with chocolate kisses. White plate and a bowl stacked on a white placemat. Chocolate kisses scattered around the table. Wooden XOXO sign.

2. Pink and Gold Valentine’s Place Setting

Pink and gold Valentines place setting. Gold shimmering placemat, creamy plates topped with a white napkin and utensils wrapped with a pink and gold ribbon.

Pink and gold create a lovely romantic atmosphere. Spruce up the table just for you two.

Deliver a special note to your spouse in a cute frame, or use the frame as a place card holder. The ones I used, are actually ornaments. So whatever you can find works.

Pink and Gold Valentine’s Place Setting Ideas

Photo ornament place card.
Pink and gold ribbon tied around the utensils.

For a slightly different look, place the frame right on the napkin on the plate. And the utensils on the placemat.

Gold and Pink Valentine's Place setting. Utensils tied with a pink and gold ribbon placed next to a plate. A white napkin and a round place card on the plates.

Sweet Games!!

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3. Blue and Silver Valentine’s Place Setting

Blue and silver Valentine place setting with a touch of pink. Silver charger plate, white plate, napkin tied with a sparkly silver ribbon. Blue placemat. Blue chocolate kisses and a pink chocolate kiss on the plate.

Do something different and go with blue and silver with a touch of pink.

Where I live, we often have snow on Valentine’s, so the wintery blue and silver color scheme is quite fitting.

Blue and Silver Valentine’s Place Setting Ideas

Add a touch of pink in various ways.

  • Place a pink rose on the napkin and tie it with a sparkly silver ribbon
  • Put one pink Valentine’s candy on the plate with some blue ones like I did.
  •  Adorn the place setting with pink roses.
  •  Use pink napkins.

4. Red and Black Place Setting for Valentine’s Day

Red and black Valentine place setting idea. Sparkly red placemat, white plate, black napkin, red musical note on the napkin.

Red and black give the jazz vibes!

Be creative with your placemats. This one is made with some red mesh ribbon I got after Christmas on clearance. A red musical note on the napkin gives this Valentine’s place setting a fun look.

Red and Black Valentine’s Place Setting Ideas

If you can’t find red musical notes, use black ones on red napkins.

If jazz is your thing, take a look at these easy jazz-themed party ideas.

5. Kisses in a Bottle

Kisses in a bottle: pink and white Valentine place setting idea. White charger, pink plate, white little plate stacked. A heart shaped glass jar filled with chocolate kisses.

A personalized heart-shaped jar filled with pink Valentine’s candies is the focal point of this place setting.

Kisses in a Bottle Ideas

Valentine's Place Card Idea: a heart-shaped jar with a cork top filled with chocolate kisses. The guest's name written on the jar.

6. Owl Always Love You

Owl always love you. A simple Valentines afternoon snack place setting: owl mug on a plate, a puffy heart decoration with a chocolate on top. A spoon tied with a pink ribbon.

An adorable way to pamper the kids after school — Set up a Valentine’s afternoon snack table.

Any owl mug will do. Add a note “owl always love you” and you are almost all set. Embellish the simple snack setting with a ribbon wrapped around a spoon. And for the final touch, place a wrapped chocolate piece on a stuffed heart.

Owl Always Love You Ideas

7. Valentine’s Gnome

Pink gnome and XOXO sign next to a white plate topped with a white napkin and pink ribbon and a checkered heart

This gnome loves you!! XOXO

I found this adorable gnome at Hobby Lobby. It looks fun standing next to the glass or placed on napkins.

Gnome Ideas

  • a set of four gnomes that spell “L-O-V-E”; how cute is that!!
  • stuffed heart on the napkin
  • pink ribbon
  • white plates

8. Wooden Heart Placemat

Wooden heart placemat for Valentine's Day.

A wooden heart as a placemat gives this Valentine’s place setting a warm, rustic look. I used a pink ombre shawl as a table throw to add some lovely texture.

Wooden Heart Ideas

  • large wooden heart; you can find these at craft stores
  • pink table cloth
  • rose gold ribbon
  • pink napkins
  • white plates
Pink Napkin for Valentines place setting

9. Dusty Rose Waffle Weave Napkin

Dusty rose waffle weave napkin.

My friend made these beautiful waffle weave kitchen towels for me. I thought they are the perfect size to be used also as napkins.

The pretty waffle weave adds nice texture to the Valentine’s table.

Valentine's place setting. Country style plates with scalloped edge. A dusty rose waffle weaved napkin. Utensils tied with jute.

10. Rustic Valentine’s Day Place Setting

Rustic Valentine's place setting. A white plate on a wooden charger. Pink leaf ribbon circling the plate. A wooden letter D on the plate.

Linen, wood, and pink… rustic and pretty!

Start with linen placemats, use a wooden plate as a charger, and finish with a cute pink leaf ribbon and a wooden initial. I used inexpensive chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby and colored them black with a marker.

Rustic Valentine’s Place Setting Ideas

11. Valentine’s Tea Cup on Sparkly Table Scarf

Pink teacup with a flower saucer on a sparkling pink and red table scarf

Valentine’s tea party!

A sparkly red and pink scarf with a pretty pink tea cup is all you need for this afternoon tea on Valentine’s day.

Be Prepared for Valentine’s Fun

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