30 Free Printable Sunflower Baby Shower Games

Yes, these sunflower baby shower games are free.

The pretty designs go well with any sunflower or autumn-themed baby shower.

And since these free printable sunflower baby shower games have a bit of a rustic look, they are also a great match for a country-style event.

The collection has 30 fun games and activities; I’ll show them to you and give you instructions for each.

Yes, there will be a text link to the download. And nope, you do not even have to sign up for anything.

Let’s begin!

Free printable sunflower baby shower games

1. Entrance Activities

Give the guests something to do when they arrive at the baby shower. It could be a simple “guess how many” activity or creating a bucket list for the new parents and the baby.

1.1. Guess How Many

Guess how many. 30 free printable baby shower games. Sunflowers in a wooden wagon.

Put anything in a jar and ask the guests to guess how many are in. The one who guesses the closest wins.

Items to put in the jar:

  • pacifiers
  • baby socks
  • gems
  • sunflower seeds
  • candy

You’ll get a pretty printable sign and “guess how many”-cards with this download.

1.2. Bucket List for the Baby’s First Year and Beyond

Baby bucket list

Write down fun things for the parents to do with their kids in the years to come. Print and frame the sign and place it on the table to instruct the guests.

Use the included cards or hand out the half-sheet version for collecting ideas.

Two Sign Options

  • write a list of things to do with the baby in the first year
  • write a list of things to do with the child

1.3. Time Capsule

Time capsule for baby. Free printable

Store sweet notes for the child to read when she turns eighteen. Or collect some things to put in a time capsule for the child to open when she is 18.

What to put in the time capsule:

  • letters
  • cards
  • money
  • newspaper
  • books
  • games
  • photos
  • silver spoon
  • candle holder
  • necklace

1.4. Baby Predictions

Baby Predictions Game, free baby shower printable. A green pickup truck with sunflowers.

Take your best guess at baby’s birth stats.

Notify the winners after the big day!

Sending e-gift cards to the winners is the easiest prize idea.

1.5. Advice for Mom and Dad

Advice and Wishes for the Mom-to-Be, wishes for the baby. Free printable. With a sunflower bouquet.

Write advice and wishes for the mom and dad to be. I’ve got a printable for both!

1.6. Wishes for the Baby

Write wishes for the baby. I hope you remember, I hope you go, I hope you find… and so on.

1.7. What’s in the Bag

What's in the bag sunflower baby shower game printable.

Guess what baby-related item is in each paper bag.

  • Label paper bags with numbers.
  • Put a baby item in each bag.
  • The guests guess what’s in each bag by touching it.

Print and frame the lovely What’s In the Bag sign and the game cards next to the paper bags.

1.8. Find the Guest

Find the guest baby shower game printable.

A fun ice breaker game that gets the guests to mingle.

Give each guest a “find the guest” game. They will look for someone who matches each clue. The prize is getting to know other guests.

Take a look at these simple baby shower ice breaker games. They will provide lots of fun the event from baby poker and floating duckies to ring a bell.

2. Photo Games

Photo games for baby shower: oh the places she's been. memories, who's that baby.

Make a slideshow or print and hang up pictures with clothespins or attach to a poster board.

2.1. Memories

What You Need

pictures of mom and dad’s childhood such as

  • their parents
  • grandparents
  • aunts, and uncles
  • friends
  • places visited
  • homes lived in
  • schools attended
  • favorite candy
  • pets
  • bikes
  • favorite stuffed animals
  • school mascot


  • Number the pictures.
  • Put the photos on a table or bulletin board, or hang them up with clothespins.

How to Play

The guests guess whether the photo belongs to mom or dad.

2.2. Who’s that Baby

Let’s ooh over some baby photos!

What You Need

  • one baby picture of each guest
  • current picture of each guest (If you have a lot of people who don’t know each other.)
  • paper and pens


  • Label the pictures with numbers or letters. (If the guests want the pictures back, do the numbering the way that it does not ruin the photos.)
  • Display somewhere in the party area.
  • (optional) Place the current pictures with names by the display.

How to Play

  1. Ask the guests to write down who they think is in each picture.
  2. Whoever gets the most correct wins.

2.3. Oh, the Places She’s Been

Guess where the mom-to-be was in each picture. If the photos are from various years, you could give extra points for knowing how old she was.

What You Need

  • Photos of the mom to be.

3. Mom and Dad Games

Who knows mommy best? Who knows daddy best? Mommy's phrase. Daddy's phrase. Sunflower baby shower games.

3.1. Who Knows Mommy Best

How well do you know the mom-to-be?

When is her birthday? What is her favorite book?

3.2. Who Knows Daddy Best

How well do you know the dad-to-be?

What was his first job? What color are his eye?

3.3. Mommy’s Phrase

Ask the mom to write down her answers either before the shower or during the game.

The guests guess how she finished these phrases.

3.4. Daddy’s Phrase

Ask the dad to write down his answers either before the shower or during the game if this is a coed baby shower.

The guests guess how he finished these phrases.

3.5. TV Show Moms and Dads

TV show moms and dads quiz for sunflower baby shower

How well do you know these TV shows?

Match the names with the TV show. The one with the most correct answers wins.

3.6. Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes free baby shower game. A wooden wagon filled with sunflowers.

You’ll have fun figuring out the punchlines for these dad jokes.

3.7. Over or Under

Mom or dad baby shower game. Over or under baby shower game. Free printable baby shower games. Sunflower with greenery.

Over or Under… do you know how many names they considered before deciding?

With this game, you’ll learn some fun facts about what’s going on behind the scenes.

3.8. Mom or Dad

Another sweet game to play at the baby shower is the Mom or Dad game.

Ask the parents-to-be to fill out the game before the baby shower or during if it is a coed event.

4. Baby Games

Free baby shower game printables with sunflower designs: baby animals, categories, word scramble, baby animals, baby names, what will baby be, old wives tales, price is right

4.1. Baby Categories

One way to play:

  • Do one category at a time. For example, “toys.”
  •  Fill in the blanks with words that begin with each letter, e.g., B-O-Y.
  •  boat – Olaf – yoyo
  •  Go around and ask everyone to say what they wrote. If someone else has the same answer, no points. The players get points for unique answers.
  •  The one with the most unique answers wins.

If you have a large group, giving a prize to the one who fills in all the blanks first is easier.

4.2. Baby Names

Write a baby name for each letter of the alphabet. The one who finishes first wins.

4.3. Baby Items

Write a baby item for each letter of the alphabet. The one who finishes first wins.

4.4. Baby Word Scramble

Unscramble the words. Winner is the one who finishes first.

4.5. Baby Animals

What is a baby ant called? What about a baby whale?

The one with the most correct answers wins.

4.6. Price Is Right

  • Buy the items listed on the game.
  • Show one item at a time. The guests guess how much it costs.
  • In the end, add up the total cost. The one who is closest wins.

4.7. What Will the Baby Be

Present the questions to the mom-to-be at the event to predict if she is having a boy or girl. This would be a fun game to do before a gender reveal.

4.8. Old Wives’ Tales

Another fun game for a gender reveal party.

What do the old wives’ tales mean? Does morning sickness mean the mom is having a boy or a girl?

The one with most correct answers wins.

5. Other Games

Free gender neutral baby shower games: book emoji quiz, what's in your phone, what's in your purse, how sweet it is. Sunflowers on a green pick up truck, wooden wagon filled with sunflowers.

Sunflower theme is fabulous for girls or boys and so are these baby shower games.

5.1. Book Emoji Quiz

Figure out the book titles written with emojis.

5.2. What’s in Your Phone

Collect points for things on your phone. The one with the most points wins.

5.3. What’s in Your Purse

Are you a packrat? If you are, it really pays off in this game!

Collect points for the items you have in your purse.

5.4. How Sweet It Is

Which candy bar best describes the phrases: chubby baby or cool mom?

The one who has the most correct answers wins.

You could also use the mom-to-be’s answers as a guide; whoever has the most matching answers with the mom is the winner.

6. Gift Opening Game

6.1. Baby Gift Bingo

Baby bingo free baby shower printable. Sunflower.

Turn the gift opening session into a competition.

Ask the guests to fill the squares with gifts they think the mom will receive. To be fair, a player should not write down the gifts she brought.

As the mom opens the gifts, the players check off the items. Whoever gets five in a row first and yells BINGO wins.

Instead of writing gifts in the squares, you could ask the ladies to write words or phrases the mom-to-be will say when she opens the gifts.

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

These free printable sunflower baby shower games are gender neutral so they work well for either boys or girls.

If you counted the games and activities, you’ll be getting 32 games with this free download! How cool is that!

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