30 Free Printable Train Baby Shower Games

All aboard! Kick off this exciting celebration with free printable train baby shower games. The simple games with beautiful soft watercolor designs take you on a memorable adventure filled with laughter.

And yes, these are free. You do not even have to sign up for emails. How sweet is that! I hope you return to my site to explore other awesome baby shower and party ideas.

These games are perfect for a boy baby shower, but nobody is stopping you from having a blue train-themed shower for a girl, too.

“The three most exciting sounds in the world: anchor chains, plane motors, and train whistles.”

George Bailey, It’s a Wonderful Life

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30 Free printable train baby shower games

Ice Breaker Games for a Train-Themed Baby Shower

Start the party with simple ice breaker games to get the guests to mingle.

Boy baby shower ice breaker game: find the guest

In this set, you’ll get two Find the Guest game versions: one with “you can only use the same name once” and the other without that rule.

Other simple games to have guests work on while waiting for everyone to arrive include a baby bucket list and guess how many.

Baby Bucket List printable with a rail road crossing sign.
Train-themed guess how many game for baby shower.

As you eagerly anticipate this child’s arrival, help the parents prepare a fun bucket list of simple adventures to go on with their new baby. The ideas don’t have to be anything elaborate.

“Guess how many” activity does not require much prep. Fill a jar with baby items or blue and yellow candy, and place it with the sign, pens, and guess cards on a game table. Add also another basket or jar for the filled cards.

20 entertaining baby shower ice breaker games.

Floating duckies, baby poker, ring a bell, and many other engaging baby shower ice breaker games add excitement to the event and give you opportunities to hand out random prizes.

Funny Games for a Boy Baby Shower

Dad jokes baby shower game with a blue train design.

How do you make a tissue dance? Do you know the answers to this or the other funny dad jokes?

What do the old wives tales say about the baby's gender?
Book emoji quiz. Guess the book titles.

Old wives and their tales. Do you know what they mean? After playing this game, you could see if the tales are correct regarding this baby… if the baby’s gender has already been revealed.

Emoji quizzes are always fun. These are pretty easy, so you might want to declare the first person who finishes the game as the winner.

The jokes, old wives’s tales, and emoji quiz will surely keep you entertained.

47 funny games for baby shower.

If your guests are into hilarious games, you’ll be so happy to have stumbled upon this collection of 47 funny baby shower games.

With these games nobody is going to be bored.

Baby Bingo for the Gift Openining

Baby Bingo game for a train baby shower.

Opening gifts at the baby shower is a sweet moment, but it can be awkward for the guest of honor and a little slow for the guests. Playing a game, like baby gift bingo, makes the moment more fun for everyone.

Advice and Wishes

Advice and wishes cards for parents-to-be with a train wagon design

Yay, you get to share your wisdom with the new parents! This set has cards for mom-to-be, dad-to-be, and the parents-to-be.

The baby also needs some wishes, so you’ll find a card for him in this free printable train baby shower games collection.

30 free train baby shower games: bucket list, guess how many, etc. All with fun train themed designs.

Train-Themed Baby Shower Games

And here it is, the link to the free printable train baby shower games.

Have fun choosing the entertainment for the celebration. Always my favorite part of the party planning.

Remember to check out the baby shower ice breaker games and hilarious baby shower games.

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