14 Hostess Aprons for Entertaining in Style

Every hostess wants to look presentable when her guests arrive, so why not get a super cute apron?

And the best part is most of these hostess aprons have at least one pocket. Because pockets are amazing and wonderful! Who can live without them?

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14 Awesome hostess aprons for entertaining in style. A woman wearing a green apron decorating a cake.
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1. Happiness is Homemade Apron

Say goodbye to stains and water splotches with this cute apron! It has a large side pocket, perfect for keeping your phone within reach, and an adjustable neck strap.

It would make a stylish gift idea for the hostess in your life! Made out of cotton and polyester.

Get your Happiness Is Homemade apron and be ready to greet your guests in style.

2. Butterfly Apron

Anyone love butterflies? This butterfly apron has an adjustable neck strap and a split front pocket. And the butterflies are so pretty and colorful. Perfect for the spring and summer weather! Length is 32” and width is 28”.

3. Personalized Linen Apron

The designs on these aprons are absolutely adorable and inspiring! You can choose from six unique styles and have the apron personalized.

This hostess apron has four color options, two pockets, and adjustable straps.

Which design will you choose?

Make your pick here: personalized linen apron.

4. Birds on Branches Cotton Apron

Beautiful watercolor designs adorn this elegant Maison d’Hermine apron.

It has one large pocket in the center and an adjustable neck strap. Length is 31.5,” and width is 27.5”. It would make a fun birthday gift for the chef in your life!

Many other designs are also available, so you’ll surely find a perfect apron for your next event.

5. Damask Apron

Wear a fun vintage-style apron with a ruffle when getting ready for your next dinner party.

The classic damask design on a pretty blue background is lovely. You might not even want to take it off.

The apron has a front pocket and tie straps. And it’s made out of soft, high-quality cotton.

6. Avocado and Orange Aprons

For all the fruit lovers out there! Avocados, oranges, lemons, or peaches… which one is your favorite?

This handmade apron would make a fun gift idea for mother’s day.

You can choose an apron with one pocket or two pockets. Made from cotton and linen. The generous size will protect your clothes while working in the kitchen or making flower arrangements.

7. Old-Fashioned Floral Apron

With this old-fashioned floral dress apron wrapped around your waist, you’ll look cute.

The rounded cutting on top and the polka-dot side pockets make this apron perfect for summer parties.

8. Lemon Apron

Any lemon lovers out there? This pretty yellow lemon apron with its split front pocket and adjustable neck strap would make a sweet (hopefully not sour) gift idea for anyone who loves lemons. Or at least lemonade…

Made from cotton and the size is 33” by 27”.

9. Pinafore Apron

If you like things to be easy and simple, this pinafore apron would be perfect for you! Has two large pockets and cross-back straps, and no adjusting is necessary. Just throw the straps over your head, and you’re ready to cook! 

10. Yellow Floral Apron

Perfect for the summertime! It’s fresh and fun and would make a wonderful gift idea for a friend who loves to cook! Made from cotton.

Get your pretty floral apron today and be ready for all the summer cookouts.

11. Professional Kitchen Apron

If you love pockets… this professional apron is your match made in heaven. 6 pockets! Has a cross-back design with adjustable straps. 

12. Waterproof Kitchen Aprons

Need 2 aprons? Here’s a fun set. This brand has multiple color/pattern options, so take your pick! Each waterproof apron has a large split pocket. Made from cotton and polyester.

13. Personalized Ruffle Apron from Mod Party


That’s how I would describe this bestseller ruffle-hem apron.

It has two pockets, also decorated with ruffles. And an adjustable neck strap. Comes in a couple different colors: blush pink, white and black. Made from polyester and cotton, and size is 32” by 30”.

14. Christmas Apron

I know Christmas is still a ways out, but… this plaid apron was too cute to resist!

Two pockets and a tie-neck strap. There are many cheery and festive Christmas patterns for you to choose from! Made from cotton. Length is 31,” and width is 21”.

Hospitality at Home

Do you feel more motivated when dressed right for the task? Perhaps an apron is just what you need when prepping meals or cleaning the guest room for the house guests.

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