17 Printable Lemonade Party Games

Whether you’re a fan of fun word games, enjoy finishing hilarious jokes, or love reminiscing about old memories, these printable lemonade party games have something for everyone.

17 printable lemonade party games

Host a delightful summer party, sip some tasty lemonade, and play lemonade-themed party games.

  • Finish the Joke
  • Lady Lemonade
  • Roll a Lemonade Party
  • Most Likely to
  • and other fantastic games.

Keep the guests entertained with these simple games. Be a Relaxed Hostess and enjoy the moments with your family and friends.

(These inexpensive games are available in the USA and Canada.)

Our printable lemon-themed games are designed to bring fun and laughter to everyone, from adults to teens and preteens.

Lemonade-themed ever or never game and finish the jokes game

Finish the Joke

Add some zest to the party with lemon-themed jokes. Whether you play individually, in teams, or as a group, completing these hilarious jokes make your guests laugh.

Ever or Never

I’ll show you three fun options to play the “Ever or Never” game. Choose your favorite and let the sweet times begin.

Option 1

Each participant answers the ever or never statements. You could use it as an ice breaker or conversation starter.

Option 2

Pick one person to be “it”. The others try to guess how she answered the questions.

Option 3

In this version, you’ll get be more active.

The players form a single line. Somebody reads a statement at a time. Those who say “yes” step to the left (or whatever direction you choose), and those who say “no” stay in place. Get back in the line before each question, or keep traveling which each “yes.”

Games for a lemonade-themed-party: how well do you know her, lady lemonade, and roll a lemonade party

Lady Lemonade

I had a blast coming up with this game! If your name is ‘lemonade’, you’re in luck, you just got 8 points. But don’t worry, if you are called something else, you’ll still get points for various things.

The one with the most points is “Lady Lemonade”.

Roll a Lemonade Party

You’ll need dice for this game. Take turns rolling and collecting the corresponding lemonade party items. Or, for a more intense game, give each player their own dice. This way it becomes a speed contest. The faster you roll, the quicker you’ll get all the party items.

The first player to collect them all is crowned the champion of the lemonade party.

How Well Do You Know Her

Test your knowledge of the guest of honor (or anyone you choose to fill that role). “How Well Do You Know Her” is a fantastic game, whether you are celebrating a birthday or hosting a bridal shower.

It’s a fun and interactive way to get to know her better.

Memories with the guest of honor and lemon-themed word game

Memories with the Guest of Honor (Who am I?)

What a fun way to go down the memory lane!

Whether you are hosting a bridal shower, baby shower, or a birthday party, this game is so much fun. Depending on the guests, it can get pretty hilarious, too. Just be sure to set some ground rules, like no sharing embrassing or secret stories, to keep it fun for everyone.

I believe this game is best enjoyed without a point system. It’s lovely opportunity to hear the unique, entertaining, and personal stories behind these memories.

Each memory is read aloud, and the guest of honor guesses whose memory it is.

17 Printable lemon-themed party games for adults and teens.

Add Zest to the Party

When life gives you lemons, have a lemonade party and play lemonade party games!

You’ll love these games and they are inexpensive like everything in our store.

(Available only in the USA and Canada.)

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