Lemonade Party Games and Activities

What’s a party without fun activities and games. I have created a list of fantastic lemonade party games to entertain your guests.

Whether you host a summer party, birthday party, or a lemonade-themed bridal shower, these activities are perfect for adults, teenagers, and maybe even some younger kids.

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10 fantastic lemonade party games and activities

Lemonade Relay Race

This game will be a breeze, if you have ever worked as a waitress. However for those of us who do not have experience in that line of work, it can be a challenge. And don’t worryif using glasses makes you nervous, feel free to swap them out for plastic. I know that would make me more comfortable.

What You Need

  • a tray for each team
  • several glasses or plastic cups for each team
  • lemonade (If you aren’t planning to drink the lemonade after the game, I’d just use something cheap.)

Setting up the game is simple: First, place the glasses or plastic cups on a tray. Next, fill them with lemonade. For an extra challenge, fill the cups almost all the way.

How to Play

  • Form teams. Each player attempts to carry the tray from the start to the turning point and back without spilling the lemonade. The team that finishes the race first without any spills wins.
  • If a participant spills the lemonade, he must go back to the start and fill up the glasses.
17 printable lemonade party games

Printable Lemonade Party Games

From the word games and two truths and a lie to ever or never, these printable lemonade party games, keep the crowd laughing.

(Available in the USA and Canada.)

Lemonade Tiered Tray Decorations

Add this fun DIY project to your list of party activities; your guests will love it. These lemonade-themed tiered tray decorations are adorable and perfect for sharing with your guests. Get each of them their own set, or split a few between the crowd.

Paint the decorations while chatting and sharing your favorite summer memories.

Get your set today from Laser on the Hill.

Lemonade Concoctions

You’ll have so much fun, or maybe not, tasting everyone’s lemonade creations.

What You Need

Create a DIY lemonade station with various things to make lemonade. Here are some ideas:

  • glasses
  • spoons
  • herbs
  • fruit
  • lemons
  • water
  • sparkling water
  • lemonade
  • tiny cups for tasting

How to Play

Everyone gets to prepare a lemonade concoction and name it. The players (or the judges) then taste and evaluate the creations and give points for taste, appearance, creativity, etc. You could have one prize for the one with the most points or give prizes in different categories, such as the best name, prettiest lemonade, the most sour lemonade, etc.

Lemonade Tasting Contest

With any games that require tasting, you got to be careful with possible food allergies. So, use caution.

You could use the lemonade made in the previous game for the tasting contest. Give everyone a piece of paper to write down the ingredients they think were used in making each lemonade.

Roll a Lemonade Party

Lemonade party game with dice: roll a lemonade party.

This simple game is all about luck. You roll the dice and collect the corresponding lemonade party item. The one who gets them all first wins. You can take turns rolling or do a speed game and give each participant their own dice, and they can go as fast as they can.

Decorate Drinking Glasses

Drinking glasses with lids and straws are all the rage right now. Get creative and add some personality to the glasses with cool lemonade vinyl decals. I’d do this at the beginning of the party so everyone can use their fabulous glasses for lemonade and bring some along for the ride home.

Start with a name decal. Add other embellishments, such as these adorable lemonade stickers. They would be perfect for this project. Each sticker sheet has over 20 weatherproof stickers. They are tiny, so you’d use a few for each glass.

Lemonade Photo Booth

Photo booths will surely make everyone laugh. Gather lemon-themed items, from hats and scarves to trays, straws, and funny signs.

Ever or Never

Ever or Never lemonade party activity
Ever or Never

A couple of ways to play this game.

Version 1

Everyone fills out the form answering the ever or never statements. Compare answers.

Version 2

Pick one person to be “it”. The others try to guess how she answered the questions.

Version 3

The participants form a single line. Read a statement at a time. Those who say “yes” step to the left, and those who say “no” stay in place. Return to the line before each question, or keep traveling to the left with each “yes.”

Lady Lemonade

Lady Lemonade, a lemonade party game where you collect points for lemonade-related things you have done.
Lady Lemonade Game

Which one of you is the Lady Lemonade. Collect points and find out!

Lemonade-Themed Gift Exchange

Add some extra fun to the party by exchanging lemonade-themed gifts. Each guest brings a gift to the party, gets to play a lively game, and go home with a fun lemon-themed gift that keeps the memories of the party alive.

1. Name Draw

The easiest way to do a gift exchange is the “name draw.”

Write the names on paper slips, put them in a basket, and draw one at a time.

  1. Designate a festive area for the gifts.
  2. Draw the names, one at a time.
  3. The first player gets to choose a gift and unwrap it. Make sure everyone can see it.
  4. The following players can choose a gift from under the tree or steal an unwrapped gift from someone else. You can select a new gift or steal one if your gift gets stolen.
  5. Note: A gift can only be stolen only once during a turn. If a present is taken from you during one round, you cannot take it back during that same round. But you can take it back if you later end up in a position to pick another gift.
  6. The game ends when everyone has had a chance to pick a gift.

Consider applying additional rules to make the game more exciting and faster.

Additional Rules for Gift Exchange

Gift exchange with a twist:

  • Three Steals and You are Out: If you get stolen from three times, you are out, and you get to keep the gift you picked after the third steal.
  • Three Steals and the Gift is Out: If a gift gets stolen three times, the person who stole it for the third and final time gets to keep it.
  • Extra Round for the First Player: After all participants have a gift, the first player gets to swap his gift with anyone (except those who are out because of the “three steal” rules.) Then he is out. If your gift is stolen, you may steal from another player. Then you are out. Continue until someone declines to steal a gift.

2. Roll the Dice

Lemonade party games: roll the dice gift exchange.

Remember the thrill of the Christmas roll-the-dice game? Now imagine that same excitement with a lemonade-themed twist. Grab the lemonade party gift exchange game with the Printable Lemonade Party Games collection.

How many games you play depends on your party style. I prefer to have a few extras just in case they are needed.

17 printable lemoande party games for adults.

Printable Lemonade Party Games

Which one of you is the Lady Lemonade? You’ll find out when you play these fun printable lemonade party games.

Add zest to the party!

(Available in the USA and Canada.)

Favor Tags (Free)

Free printable lemonade party tags in two colors

Whether you give favors or not, these 2×3 inch lemonade party favor tags come in handy. You could use them also to embellish the game prizes.

Sweet and Sour Summer Party

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