Easy Lemonade Party Decorations

I get so excited about lemonade parties! The bright, vibrant yellow mixed with pink and white create a cheerful atmosphere. The lemonade party decorations I’m about to show you are simple and budget-friendly. My gathering was a small lemon-themed dinner party that didn’t break the bank.

I’m all about sharing simple, inexpensive ideas anyone can do. You just need a little creativity and enthusiasm!

Welcome to Relaxed Hostess, where the ideas are written by actual human beings: me and, occasionally, my daughter. I’m so excited to share with you my love for party planning and hospitality in general. Glad to have you here!

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In my enthusiasm, I created a terrific collection of lemonade-themed party ideas, from games and food to free printables.

1. Yellow Checkered Charger Plate

Lemonade party place setting that has a yellow checkered charger plate, white lunch plate and a white napkin tied with a yellow ribbon.

If you look closer at the checkered charger plate, you’ll notice it was a DIY project. And an easy one.

You don’t always need to run out and buy theme-fitting dishes. With some creativity, you can make what you have fit your theme.

I cut out circles from a thick plaid wrapping paper, using a dinner plate as a guide. The paper sits right on top of the dinner plate turning it into a fun charger plate.

DIY yellow gingham charger plate made with thick wrapping paper.

I got carried away with the yellow ribbon. One of my favorite ways of using it was tying it around the napkins. When pulled together from the center, the napkin also looks a bit like a ribbon.

2. Printable Coasters (Free)

Free printable coasters for a lemonade party

These coasters are mainly decorative. They can provide some protection, but be sure to test them to avoid damaging your tabletop.

Coasters like these have worked fine for my parties printed on heavy cardstock. They could be attached to other coasters with double-sided tape or something to provide extra protection.

I’ll remind you to grab the lemonade-themed coasters at the end of this post. So, feel free to keep reading.

3. Bright Yellow Table Runner

Yellow table runner and pink and yellow flowers in a pink vase.
Yellow Chiffon Table Runner

I wanted to create a lively, sunny atmosphere, and the yellow chiffon table runner achieved just that, providing a perfect backdrop for lemony centerpieces.

4. Pink Vases

At Home Goods, I stumbled upon adorable pink tumblers, which I immediately added to my cart because they would make a fun centerpiece filled with vibrant flowers.

They had glass tumblers, too. While the glass ones would be sturdier, the pattern in the plastic tumblers had more movement and won me over.

Spring and early summer are typically the best seasons for shopping items like these from physical stores. However, the beauty of online shopping is that you can find them whenever you need them.

5. Pink and Yellow Flowers

Pink artificial peonies and yellow carnations in a pink tumbler.

By combining pink peonies and yellow carnations, I created a delightful centerpiece. I used artificial flowers, and although they were inexpensive, I liked how the whole arrangement turned out. You can craft something cute without breaking the bank.

Even a simple centerpiece like this can provide a visual feast for the eyes.

6. A Glass or Fish Bowl Vase with Ribbon

Yellow ribbon and a pink flower in a stemless wine glass.

I filled a stemless wine glass with some yellow ribbon, which added a pop of color. It looked cute with a pink flower.

7. Ribbons Randomly Placed on the Table

Bright, flowy ribbons scattered on the table added extra cuteness. First, I tried using a ribbon maker… but the one I have is rather small. So, I followed the simplest tutorial I found online.

I made a tiny change to it by making two ribbons, one with a soft yellow and the other with bright yellow, and stacking those.

17 printable lemonade party games

Lemonade Party Games

Entertaining your guests with these games will be effortless and so much fun.

This collection is packed with fantastic lemonade party games that will make you laugh and help you get to know each other a bit better.

8. Candles for the Extra Sparkle

A candle holder with a yellow ribbon next to a pink vase with pink and yellow flowers.

The centerpiece needed something else, too, so I placed a cute candle holder with a yellow ribbon tied around it next to the vase. It added a simple but lovely detail to the overall centerpiece.

9. Lemons, of Course!

Lemon slices in cylinder vases.

You must also have some lemons; it is a lemonade party! There were lemons on the table and lemon slices in cylinder vases. Place a smaller vase in the cylinder vase to keep the lemon slices from floating.

10. Squeeze the Day Sign (FREE)

Squeeze the day sign printable.

Fun lemonade-themed party signs, like this Squeeze the Day, are an easy way to add extra cuteness to the party.

This printable lemonade party sign is FREE. I have a couple of others as well. Be my guest and grab them today.

Remember to get the coaster printable as well.

How to Throw a Fantastic Lemonade Party

Lemonade party decorations are just the beginning. This gathering also needs entertaining games and delicious food.

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