Printable Lemonade-Themed Coasters (FREE)

These decorative lemonade-themed coasters add a cute touch to your table setting. However, since they are usually printed on cardstock, they may not offer much protection against condensation.

Please test before using them to avoid any damage to your tabletops. I’ve used these and other printable coasters with no problems.

Host a Lemon-Themed Party This Summer

I created a fabulous collection of ideas for you, from decorations to games.

Free printable lemonade party coasters. Two lemonade-themed coasters.

Get the free printable lemonade party coasters.

17 printable lemonade party games

With these games, hosting a lemonade party is a breeze. You and your guests will have so much fun.

Perfect for family reunions, birthdays, and even bridal and baby showers.

Finish the joke, word games, ever or never, memories… This collection of lemonade party games is FUN!

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