Cute Lemonade Party Favor Tags (FREE)

Let your guests know how happy them attending your party made you. Give them fun favors adorned with cute tags. I have created these lemonade party favor tags in two diffrent colors and four unique styles to provide you with various options.

Best of all, they are completely FREE!

Would you be interested in fun lemonade party favor ideas, as well? If so, I put together a list of fantastic suggestions for you. You can find all them at the end of this post.

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Free printable lemonade party favor tags

Lemon-Themed Favor Tags

You’re the Zest! -tag works well for game prizes, as well.

Free lemonade party favor tags: thank you. You're the zest!

Grab the free printable lemonade party favor tags for your summer parties, lemon-themed birthdays, bridal showers, and baby showers.

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Lemonade Party Favor Ideas

Simple, sweet, inexpensive lemon-themed favors keep the memories alive.

Lemon-Scented Candles

I love this set of lemon-scented candles! The candles come in various sizes, from 1 oz to 4 oz, and the label on the top can be customized with your party details and favorite design.

Set of Lemon-Themed Coasters

Lemon-themed coasters are easy to find during the spring and summer, but thanks to online shopping, you can find them whenever needed.

Lemonade Notebook

Who says notebooks are outdated? These mini lemon-themed notebooks are not only cute but also practical. Perfectly sized for your purse. I like to carry one around with me; you never know when the inspiration to plan the next party will come.

Stanley Straw Topper

This cute lemon straw topper will surely delight the recipients. The lemon’s happy expression made me smile.

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