Lemonade-Themed Food Tents (FREE)

What is this? What’s in it? Answer those questions quickly with lemonade-themed food tents. These printable blank food tents are free!

Write the name of the food and the allergen info on one side, and the ingredients on the other.

So, you’re planning a lemonade party? How fun! Whether it’s a birthday party, a bridal shower, a baby shower, or a family reunion, I’ve got some fantastic ideas you.

Free printable lemonade party food tents

You’ll get pink and yellow food tents with fun lemon-themed designs. Print on cardstock for best results.

yellow food tent with a lemon-themed cake design, pink-framed food tent with glass of lemoande and a cupcake design
Free lemoande party food tents. Four food tents on each paper sheet.

I designed some of the food tents with full color and some with a simple frame. This way you’ll get to have a “less-ink” option, as well.

Grab the free printable lemonade party food tents. Just keep in mind they don’t have any writing on them.

17 printable lemoande party games for adults.

Pink Lemonade Party Games

Get ready to fill the party with laughter and create memorable moments. These printable lemonade party games are perfect for adults, teens, and preteens.

From hilarious jokes and word games to heartwarming memories, the games will keep everyone entertained.

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