Gift Ideas for Hot Chocolate Lovers

Hot cocoa, hot chocolate, whatever you like to call it. It’s delicious and so are these gift ideas for hot chocolate lovers

Create a gift basket for a sister, coworker, or a friend to celebrate a special day. Or simply wrap one of these hot cocoa gifts to make her day cozy.

I’ve also got FREE hot cocoa gift tags for you.

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Gift ideas for hot chocolate lovers. Balloon garland, hot cocoa bar sign.

Make a Gift Basket for Hot Chocolate Lovers

  1. Start with a basket or a gift box.
  2. Put it some kraft crinkle paper.
  3. Place in a pair of cozy socks like these sherpa-lined socks, perfect color for this basket!
  4. Add a hot chocolate mix
  5. and a couple of pieces of chocolate.
  6. Finish with any of the gift ideas in this post.
  7. Embellish with ribbons and free printable hot cocoa gift tags. (Link at the end of this post.)

These gift ideas for hot chocolate lovers are so amazing that you want to get them for yourself too.

1. Hot Cocoa Book Stack

Hot cocoa book stack with marshmallows and chocolate drizzle on top.
Hot Chocolate Book Stack from Lovely Crafting Mama, Etsy

If you’re looking for a simple and cute way to add a little cheer to your bookshelf, this stack of wooden books is sure to do the trick! Maybe a gift idea for the bookworm in your life?

The book stack topped with marshmallows and chocolate drizzle will look great on a hot cocoa bar or a winter-tiered tray.

2. Lip Balm 

Hot cocoa lip balm.
Hot Cocoa Lip Balm from Wild Rose Herbs, Etsy

A deliciously soothing lip balm for when the cold weather is a little too harsh.

Made of organic coconut oil, dark chocolate extract, and vanilla extract. The rich, full flavor takes you to chocolate dreamland.

3. Bath Bombs

Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs
Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs from My Harvest Moon Cottage, Etsy

Anyone up for a spa day?? Sweeten up your bubble bath with this hot cocoa-scented bath bomb.

It would make a super fun stocking stuffer for women!

4. Twelve Days of Hot Chocolate Set

This festive hot chocolate set includes interesting flavors like French vanilla, pumpkin pie, and caramelized bacon. Never would’ve thought of mixing bacon and hot chocolate together, but it might be a fun flavor to try! 

5. Ferrero Assorted Chocolates

Every hot cocoa lover needs gourmet chocolates to go with their cup of chocolatey deliciousness!

6. Hot Cocoa Bomb

Yes this a hot cocoa bomb, but it’s meant for drinking and not a bubble bath. 😉 There are many delicious flavors for you to choose from, such as snickerdoodle, salted caramel, and raspberry.

I’d love to have the raspberry one. That is my favorite flavor combo: chocolate and raspberry. What’s yours?

7. Hot Cocoa and Cream Candle

Hand poured hot cocoa and cream candle
Hot Cocoa and Cream Candle from MakuzoHome, Etsy

Fill your home with the comforting scent of your favorite winter drink! Makuzo Home’s hot chocolate candle is made out of soy wax, and it comes in two sizes: 4oz and 8oz. 

A home smelling like chocolate might increase your chocolate cravings, but is that such a bad thing? Years ago, my husband got me an orchid that smelled like chocolate, making me want to eat chocolate even more.

8. Hot Cocoa Towel

Hot cocoa dish towel. Featuring two cups of hot chocolate. A reindeer peeking behind the mug.
Hot Cocoa Dish Towel from SecondFloorPlease, Etsy

Cup of cheer cocoa!

Bring a little cheer to your kitchen with this hot cocoa towel. The print is super cute and will not peel when you wash it.

This seller has the most creative towels ever. And based on the reviews, the quality is amazing.

9. Stainless Steel Tea Spoon Set

Super cute stainless steel spoons for hot cocoa! Would be fun for a hot cocoa party! 8 different designs and four color options: gold, silver, rose gold, and rainbow.

10. Hot Chocolate Shaped Cookie Cutter

Make some delicious cookies with this fun hot chocolate cookie cutter! It’s made of PLA plastic and has a sharp, beveled edge to help it make a clean cut.

Another version of this cookie cutter with whipped cream.

Go ahead and take a look; you’ll also see some fantastic ways to decorate the cookies.

11. Stoneware Mug

Snowflake stoneware mug in white and green.
Snowflake Mugs from StoneHousePotteryOH, Etsy

Can’t ever have too many mugs, right? This stoneware mug would make a perfect addition to your ever-growing collection of mugs. It’s 8oz and has a cute little snowflake on the front. And it’s dishwasher safe as well!

It’s a set of two mugs. You can pick the colors: white or green or one of each!

12. Edible Chocolate Spoons

Chocolate spoons that will melt in your mouth. A variety of delicious holiday flavors for you to choose from. You can even ask for custom flavors! Fun gift idea for children!

13. Hot Cocoa Coasters

Hot cocoa coasters
Hot Cocoa Coasters from kamifundesigns, Etsy

Happiness is hot cocoa.

Set of 4 wooden coasters with cute hot cocoa sayings. You can choose either round or square hot chocolate coasters.

Give as a set or create a gift basket with a mug, hot chocolate mix, and a coaster.

These would fun scattered around the living room or even as a tiered tray decor.

14. Hot Cocoa Sign

Hot Cocoa Sign with a wooden frame
Hot Cocoa Sign from The Crafty Shambles, Etsy

Fans of farmhouse-style decor will love this handmade hot cocoa sign. It’s a perfect addition to a hot cocoa bar or your desk to remind you that it’s time for afternoon cocoa.

Want it on the wall? This 10×10″ sign comes with a sawtooth hanger in the back, so it’s ready to hang.

Many (15+) fun stain options for the frame to match your style.

15. Hot Chocolate on a Stick Set

How fun is that!

All you need is hot milk in a mug and hot chocolate on a stick, and you have the most delicious hot chocolate ever.

This is a set of 12 chocolate chunks on popsicle sticks. There are a variety of delicious flavors to choose from!

Each hot chocolate on a stick is individually wrapped, so they make great Christmas party favors.

16. Personalized Family Ornament

A personalized hot cocoa mug ornament makes a sweet gift idea for a friend or a sibling. Customize the message on the bottom and the number of adorable marshmallows.

17. Hot Cocoa Comfort Recipes 

Having a little trouble coming up with different ways to make hot chocolate? This Hot Cocoa Comfort Recipes book’s got you covered!

With over 30 recipes ranging from classic hot chocolate to a more grown-up concoction, you’re sure to find a favorite!

18. Master Chocolatier Game

Gather around all your fellow hot chocolate lovers for a fun game night! And go on a chocolate-making adventure with this strategy game while sipping your warm cocoa with your favorite garnishes.

Take a look at Azul Master Chocolatier Board Game.

Which one of these gift ideas for hot chocolate lovers piqued your interest?

FREE Hot Cocoa Gift Tags

Free printable hot cocoa gift tags. Merry Christmas and Warm Winter Wishes.

Embellish your gift with ribbons and cute free hot cocoa gift tags (printable.)

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